Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 5's

My brother's buddy in college is an avid Top Fiver. Top 5 movies from the 80's, 90's, top 5 comedies, top 5 favorite songs, shows, drink got it right? Well, since we met that kid one random day in College Station we have started a little of the top 5 quizzes ourselves. So, in lieu of the Christmas holiday that just passed I thought I'd share my top 5 Christmas movies:

1.) Christmas Vacation (of course!)
2.) Home Alone
3.) Love Actually (some would debate if this is an actual Xmas flick - YES it is!)
4.) A Christmas Story
5.) Miracle on 34th street

That was a tough one to put together, but not near as tough as if you asked me my favorite bands. That is literally impossible. I could break it down by category perhaps, but a daunting task that I'm just not up for!

I am up for one more though - top 5 moments of 2008. It was a heck of a year for me and I could probably make a very full list of memories. Here goes it:

1.) Birth of my baby girl and all the months leading up to it! I love you angel.
2.) Presidential Election and all the crazy politics.
3.) 2008 Olympics, screaming at my TV during any Phelps race.
4.) NYC in May with Dom
5.) 4th of July party at the house w/friends & family

Wow, okay, so as I was typing that I realized the challenge sometimes in narrowing these types of things down. You may read my list and think "really", and I may read it and think "really" - but hey - today - these are my moments. What are your Top 5's?

Cheers everyone, and Happy New Year's Eve!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Winter Song

A friend posted this on facebook and I must have listened to this 10 times already. Something about this song has just stuck with me and I feel the need to share. There is something soothing and peaceful about this song as I travel through this holiday season.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, peace and love to you all.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Takin' it back to the old school...

Cuz I'm an old fool, whose soooo cool. If you wanna get down, lemme show you the way. Whoomp there it is, lemme hear ya say....

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

But seriously - I am. Team 'old school' has just been formed and it consists of many of my old teammates from Westwood High School vball - go Warriors. Back then, we were bad ass, but now we are older, most of us have kiddos, and are probably not in shape like we used to be. Oh hell no, I'm nowhere near that. But still, it should be so much fun. Volleyball made up some of my best high school memories and I can't wait to see old friends and play again. Our league starts January 15th, pics to follow.

Can you dig it?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's little helper...

It's so much fun to have a little one at Christmas time. She's loving all of the lights and isn't quite sure why she has to wear the red hat, but loves it anyway. She has a red dress, white tights, and first pair of black patten leather shoes for Christmas day. Santa's little helper indeed.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bootcamp buzz?

So most of my prego weight is off, a victory yes, but my stomach is not herself. Saggy, depressed, and needs a bit of a pick me up. So, I've given it about a half ass effort of getting on my treadmill (too cold and dark to walk my hills anymore!), doing some yoga, even tried recording Cardio blast on FitTV and jumped around in my living room for about 30 minutes. On my way to get a bottled water I stopped at the Santa jar filled with M&M's and had a few. E for effort, hardly. ;)

This weekend at a Christmas party I was talking to a wife of one of Dom's co-workers who has signed herself up for bootcamp and says it's totally worth it. She has 3 kiddos, and manages to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to make the 5:30 workout and I'm very impressed and slightly interested. Before having a child the thought of waking up to workout was like asking me to give up queso or ranch dressing, not going to happen. But now that I have Brooklyn if I get to sleep until 5:00 it's a great night! So I'm contemplating, there is a camp starting in January that meets at the Hill Country Galleria. 4 weeks, 3 days a week at 5:30 seems do-able. I wonder if it's all the buzz though and can help tighten me up a bit. To be continued...

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's the holiday season...

So, Thanksgiving was a success! I'm not sure the table was set correctly but all in all we pulled it off without issue. Had a little help from mom & grandma but at the end of the day we were all stuffed with turkey, mashers, green beans, rolls, cranberry, pies, cookies, and lots of wine. That was a crazy weekend, we had Friday to recover - but ended up buying a car, then loaded that new SUV up Saturday morning and headed to Abilene. Quite the crew that day - as Captain Rick, Sadie, Robert, Uncle Larry, Mom & Dad, Dom, Brooklyn, and I were all there to watch Richard play. Won't go into the details but they lost and it was freezing! :( So no more Wildcat football right now but it was still a great weekend with my family, it's been awhile since we were all together.
Yeah, so I'm now the proud owner of an official "mom" car. Nope - not a minivan - not a chance in hell, but it's an SUV. We bought a 2009 Saturn Outlook and it's perfect for us. Spacious and safe, and much easier to load the peanut in. My back was going out from bending down in that damn Saab to put her carseat in or take it out. Au revoir Saab, you have been good to me.

Christmas tree is up and it makes my house feel so cozy. It's also another form of entertainment for Brooklyn as she can't get enough of the lights. I'm glad it's the holiday season, despite how depressing some make it sound. This could be a chance for us to take a step back and remember what it's all about. Simplify life just a bit. The other night we popped in Christmas vacation, had a fire in the fireplace, and shared a bottle of champagne. Nothing sets a romantic tone like cousin Eddie screaming "shitters full!". ;) Oh yes, it's definitely the holiday season.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So it's been an eventful last few weeks but nothing out of the ordinary. A lingerie party for Mariama, a baby shower for Scott & Kirsten, Chili and CCL's with the crew at our house, Perri and Ryan came to visit, family in town from up North - lots of activity! Thankfully, I decided not to go back to work until December timeframe rather than early November so that has given me a little more time to stay home, relax, and take care of B.

Brooklyn had her first round of 4 shots at one Dr.'s apt and that was horrible. Torture. Necessary, but brutal. Would it be inappropriate to punch the nurse?

We're pretty much down to a set routine now and she's sleeping for 6-7 hours a night now. She wakes up, eats, then goes back down for another 2 or so - we're close! When and if she sleeps 8 hours through I'm buying her a pony. ;)

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we are going to have everyone over to our house this year, first time I'll be hosting instead of my mom or grandma. Hope I can live up to their standards, and if I don't I guess I've got 364 days to improve. Thanksgiving usually marks the start of the Christmas holiday, but those of you that know me and Dom will understand when I say Christmas has already started at our house. He called me last week to let me know that Christmas music is already on the radio and rest assured he was jamming out. We have already argued on when the tree is going up, Dom would have it year round if it would stay alive. Throughout the holiday season I will refer to Dom as Clark or Sparky on my blog as our family is truly starting to reflect that of the Griswold's.

Other news on the Havins front, Richard's team is 10-0 and is on the road to the National Championship - whoohoo! First playoff game is this weekend so please cheer on the Wildcats!

That's the latest and greatest from our casa, I've got a few more weeks left before I go back to work, so until then we'll keep chillin', baby mama style. ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daddy's little girl

Out of words today but thought these pics spoke for themselves.... ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008

The world according to Brooklyn

We have noticed certain times during the day Brooklyn is most talkative, one specifically being bath time. She absolutely loves taking her baths and we usually do that in the evening before she eats once more and goes down for the night (we hope!). Last night she had an entire conversation with Dom, it was adorable. As cheesy parents do we watched it a few times and I had to post it. TGIF everyone!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the making

Election night and here I sit. I'm hoping you all voted, it's a shame if you didn't as this is the time that everyone's voice should be heard. I won't say who got my vote at this point as there are some things that I just prefer to keep to myself. My primary reason is to avoid getting into pointless debates driven largely by what the media has quoted, I just prefer to educate myself and make my choice. I do have one suggestion, can we get something besides a sticker? I mean really, we've spent countless hours over the past few months engulfed in this race and all we get is a freakin sticker. Lame. Maybe an Obama or McCain foam finger?

Another historic moment that occured this past week is Brooklyn's 8 week milestone. Way to go baby girl! She's doing awesome and talks to Dom and I more and more every day. Gettng smiles now and I look forward to every morning I wake up with her. She's my angel.

Not only is she an angel she is also a ladybug - temporarily. I couldn't resist putting her in costume this Halloween even though she has no clue what's going on. The only thing that came out of it are pictures that I will forever have to show her as she gets older. One of them will for sure make it in her high school graduation video collage of embarassing photos.

I look forward to making more memories like these, it's all part of history in the making, for Brooklyn we'll call it 'herstory'.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

99 balloons

I watched this yesterday on the Oprah show - WAIT!!! - keep truly is one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen. Whether you cry at movies, commercials, basically anything that tugs at your emotions, or you consider yourself a rock and never shed a tear, you will be moved by this. I had to pass this on as it deserves the attention and will totally speak for itself.

God bless this little soul.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Party animals!

Ok, not really. But we were quite social this weekend, starting Friday night with dinner at my parents house. My dad was in town from Oklahoma City and Rob was home too, we had a great time and I have realized I no longer matter. Brooklyn is all anyone wants to see or cares about at this point, I am no longer in any kind of spotlight - not even a flashlight.

Saturday night Grandma & Grandma (yet to be named by B) watched Brooklyn for Dom and I and we headed out downtown. First stop was the rooftop at Whole Foods for a suprise party, got to see a lot of folks and picked up a couple coozies compliments of the party. Happy Birthday Aaron, hope you had a good time and I'm glad Texas won or your party probably would have sucked. ;)

We left there and went to Maggie Mae's for Steve's bday and it was there that I got to enjoy a FEW cold CCL's with Quiroz and DeLorme, and it had been a long time coming. Lots of other folks showed up to celebrate with Steve and we had a blast. I ended the night with a TC run, breakfast tacos after a night of drinking never tasted so good. Dom was the designated driver that night which also translates to baby duty so I got some sleep and didn't pay for my night too much on Sunday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Days gone by...

It was just the week before last that I was praising myself for keeping up with my blog, to my standards any way. It's been over a week since I've last been here - where does the time go? I'm convinced now that I have a kiddo I will be saying that over and over. We hit the 6 week mark this last Monday with Brooklyn, that seems to be the common age where you don't feel so inadequate and crazy anymore with your new baby. I agree, seems like now things have just fallen into place. We have a routine, I guess, it varies a bit day to day but I'm calmer now if something is not quite in sync. You learn the different cries, grunts, stares, squirms, and for the most part you know how to please the little munchkin. And then there are the days when no matter what none of your new found tricks really work. A little stressful at times but then she goes to sleep and you stare at that little face and it's forever worth it!

We've been up to quite a bit, I swear my child has gone more places in the first 6 weeks of her life than most do their first few months. This last weekend we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and head downtown for a bit. Brooklyn got her first glance at South Congress, 6th street, and the Capitol. She even had a pint at BD Riley's. Okay, maybe mom had the pint but whatever. Best part of the weekend was the boots we bought her at Allen's on South Congress. They are way too big for her now, but in a few years I have this strange feeling she'll be tromping around here with just a diaper and those pink cowboy boots. Loading up in the truck with her uncles or grandpa, heading out to the ranch to go hunting or fishing, but still keeping it real in the pink cowboy boots.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Road warriors....

Mom & I at the game
Richard, Me, & B
Uncle Richard & Brooklyn

So we made it to Abilene and back this weekend, great time had by all. Brooklyn did fantastic in the car, she is a little road warrior already. She slept the whole way there, and home, didn't cry at all! Even at the football game she was a trooper, all bundled up in her pink polo jumpsuit. Richard won 51-7, it was awesome to see him out on the field again. ACU is now 6-0, 4 regular season games left then playoffs baby!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Football frenzy

Tomorrow morning we are packing it up and heading to Abilene to see Uncle Richard and watch him play football. We're hoping to leave the house by 8:30 but if you read my previous post about lessons learned it will most likely be more like 9:30. Dom, Brooklyn, Grandma, and I are loading in the SAAB and making the 3 1/2 hour drive. I'm guessing with the occasional diaper change needed we'll do the trip in about 4 1/2 hours. I can't wait to get up there and have Richard meet Brooklyn for the first time, and to watch him play in person rather that on the computer.

Notice I'm sporting the Wildcat t-shirt.

It's also Texas vs. OU this weekend, and I'm pretty certain my daughter (at her old age of 4 weeks), is already a Longhorn fan. Her grandpa must have brainwashed her when we weren't looking. Last Friday while my mom was watching her she fell asleep like this:

What can I do about that? So, hook'em horns!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Look who's talking...

Did you get all that? Makes perfect sense to me. She only likes being on camera for about 20 seconds at a time, you saw what was about to break out there at the end. Yeah so maybe it's just cute to me but I had to share. She's changing so much and making more and more noise every day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 lessons learned

So, over the past 4 weeks I have learned some valuable lessons I'd like to share:

1.) There is no such thing as 'quickly' changing a diaper. You must always have the changing pad and replacement diaper in hand, if you don't you will end up paying $37.41 to have your comforter dry cleaned.

2.) You can't avoid spit up so don't try. Even if you cover yourself in burp cloths it will ultimately find the one piece of exposed clothing and land there.

3.) Babies know when you are trying to do the quiet and delicate lay down in there crib. The will immediately wake up no matter how hard you had them to sleep. Just put them down, save yourself the humiliation.

4.) Designate specific pockets in the diaper bag for things. Diaper bags come with 100 different pockets, if you just throw your stuff in there it will take hours to find where you put the butt paste or pacifier, and you don't have time for searching. Very important lesson learned.

5.) Don't sit near the front of any restaurant. Everyone that comes in the door wants to look at your baby and talk to you. This is nice sometimes but when you're trying to enjoy a nice dinner with your hubby this causes way too many interuptions.

6.) Don't bother putting socks on a baby, they always fall off and you end up with one of every pair.

7.) Just take the photo.

8.) DVR things throughout the day so you have something to watch when you're up at 3:30 a.m. Paid programming gets old.

9.) You will always be late not matter how hard you try, so tell folks you'll be there 30 minutes after everyone else.

10.) You can blow dry your hair, put on make up, change clothes, make spaghetti, do dishes, laundry, and write your blog with just one hand.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend wins...and losses....

So something was up this last weekend, 6 of the top 10 college football teams lost, the Mets choked AGAIN (2nd year in a row) and didn't make the playoffs - and - Cowboys lost to the Redskins. I didn't care about many of those games, except of course for the Mets because that determines the mood around our house. Most of you already know that Dom is a crazy Mets fan and takes them very seriously - KQ and Carrie, you both know what I'm talking about. Well, yesterday we got all geared up, wrapped Brooklyn in her Mets blanket, got some stuff to grill, and watched them choke. Dom had to go nap after the game because he was so upset by the whole ordeal. They did suck and I was even frustrated so I let him grieve for awhile. Boys will be boys.

The weekend was not an entire loss though - ACU beat Eastern New Mexico and is now 4-0. Can't wait until we can go see Richard and watch a game. Friday night we loaded up Brooklyn and went out to dinner at Ciola's. That is a win for us because it's one of our favorite spots to eat, and when she was first born I felt like we wouldn't ever be able to eat at places like that again :), at least not for awhile. But she did great, slept the whole time and him and I had great dinner. She also took a bottle this weekend which is such a relief because I can now pump and Dom can feed her every once in awhile. This means happy hour with the friends is on the horizon. Brooklyn also held her head up a lot this weekend and is growing to be so big already. Her 3 week bday is today at 5:57 p.m.

On another totally different note I was at Target today and was loading up the car ready to leave when a woman parked next to me and stopped to meet Brooklyn. She asked how old, what her name was, etc...and then she grabbed my arm and proceeded to tell me how her daughter was dying of cancer and probably wouldn't make it through the week. She told me that life is precious and to never take it for granted, and then told me that Brooklyn was the best thing I have done so far in my life and walked away. She was very sweet and caught me completely off guard but it made me reflect for a second on what it must have been like to see me with my new baby girl, and to flash back and remember when she was my age with her daughter, who now she's saying goodbye to. I cried on the way home and then called Dom, he cheered me up but I felt I should share this story as it was another reminder of how precious life is and how thankful I am for the gift I have been given.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I heart Chinese!

So I'm back! My appetite that is, as I ate Chinese food for lunch today. YAY! I was worried that it would never quite be the same after 9 months of not being able to go near it. Dom and I met Brian, Mike, and Joanna for lunch at DIN HO and if you have not been to that place you are missing out. Food is soooo good and the lovely bbq'ed ducks hanging in the window make for a nice ambiance. Brooklyn did great, she slept the whole time. Before we met them I took her up to Dom's work to meet some of the DMI folks, she slept most of the time but they got to see her cute little face and full head of hair. Such a big girl at 16 days old.

We had our first big crying session last night. Dom and I tried to watch a movie while I fed her but that movie turned out lasting 3 hours (instead of the 90 minutes it was) because B was just not a happy camper. She cried for a straight 45 minutes which hasn't happened yet. I wasn't too overwhelmed as I realize 45 minutes is nothing, I just didn't know exactly what to do to make it better for her. We concluded that she was a little backed up, one dirty diaper later she calmed down and went right to sleep. Oh to be a kiddo again - eat, sleep, poop, or cry. That's all you have to worry about.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nap time = Me time

Alright, so two weeks down and I'm getting the hang of this. My little one is doing great and changing every day. She is trying hard to hold her head up on her own and I'm amazed at how strong she is! She stays awake and then sleeps for longer periods of time which I have quickly learned means 'me' time. Not 'me' time like lounging around and getting pedicures, more like do the dishes, straighten up, shower, jump on the computer, make a few phone calls, and figure out what to do for dinner, all in about two to three hours. Hey, I'll take it. Amazing how the apprehension about this whole experience changes over the course of just two weeks. We're not quite in a set routine yet but we're getting there, and just the change in me is drastic. I think the hormones have calmed down a bit and I'm feeling great. I am trying to soak up this time when she is so tiny and just lays around on Dom or I, needing us 100% of the time. I know that changes fast and so I'm literally taking mental snapshots of her as the days go by. I think I may venture out for lunch this week with the friends, and who knows, we may go visit Daddy at work.

Here are a few pics from over the weekend, we went out on Saturday for a little bit - lunch at Rudy's, a stop at the driving range, and then to Adrienne and Brian's for his bday celebration.

Nap time is also blog time...and guess what...she just woke up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Learning & Loving

I have no idea how to wrap up my emotions into one suitable phrase that will describe my life as it stands today.

This time last week my beautiful baby girl was almost a full 24 hours old. A whole day - her first day in this brand new, big, scary world. She's much older now, a full week and a day and is doing great. That day that I delivered her was like nothing I could have prepared myself for. The pain was no fun, but that all goes away when you see that little face. I am grateful for the experience of carrying her, knowing that this little person that I now hold in my arms was the rugrat kicking me and causing me horrible heartburn for 9 months. I thank God that she is healthy.

What a roller coaster of emotions, all the things you read for months and months suddenly come into play and you find yourself frozen almost by all of it happening at once. Lots of learning, loving, and admiring - moments where you feel completely overwhelmed and unsure of yourself, then moments where you just know you were meant to be a mom.

She entered this world on her own time and she has already proven to be an independent spirit. I can't wait to raise her and provide the opportunity to become anything she wants. Cliche, yes, but it's truly inspiring to have this life in your hands.

Welcome to this world Brooklyn girl.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Practice breaths?

Not me - but Brooklyn. Apparently babies practice breathing before they join us, which I had read about but had no idea it would give me such a scare as it did today.

So - no labor, obviously, but I did have a Dr. apt so they could check all the things they normally do and see if I was dilated. Nothing more than 2 cm which is what I have been at for 2 weeks. Not looking likely to happen over the weekend but you never know. Because I am past my due date though my Dr. did have me go get an ultrasound so they could check on things and I learned during that exam that they look for three things: heartbeat, movement, and practice breaths. The first two she passed easily but the third - nada. They have to do the ultrasound for 3o minutes and if they don't see her try one of these breaths than they send you back downstairs for a stress test. So, 30 minutes later I was back downstairs in my Dr.'s office hooked up to a machine where they monitored her heartbeat and measured contractions. (Which by the way I was having but didn't feel - and it didn't phase Brooklyn at all). I called Dom to let him know what was up and he immediately left and came over, he was more freaked out than I was. I just had a feeling that things were going to be okay, and it turns out they are - but for about half an hour there I didn't know what to think. They send you around without telling you much until they know something, so I just followed instructions - 3 hours later I'm home and we're all good. I guess they'll keep an eye on things but they said she's fine, so I trust them. I did get to see that my baby girl has a full head of hair, and, she weighs between 7 - 8 lbs. That is crazy considering about a month ago they had me do an ultrasound because they thought she was smaller than normal, and at that time she was in the 30th percentile, guess my baby doesn't like being below average already. ;)

So it turned out to be quite the day for me, made it go by fast at least. I had to take a few breaths myself but all is well. Cheers to the weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


September 4th! Where are you and why are you given a 'due' date anyway? It should be something along the lines of your due month - a ballpark timeframe that has no specific day associated. I never gave much thought to going past my due date, and now I'm close to doing that. It is like being held hostage, and being the control freak that I am I can't stand it! :) Tough to blog about anything else today but I can try.

Let's see - watching the conventions? I know I am and the one thing I will say without getting into the details is that I'm looking forward to what's to come. I have followed both parties so far and have strong opinions on each, but regardless of how we all feel I think we can agree that change is needed and is coming. A few observations from the Republican convention...could McCain's wife get a greener dress? And the cowboy hats - really? REALLY.

On another 'really' note - NKOTB was on the Today show this morning. Don't pretend like you don't know what that stands for, New Kids on the Block baby. Yeah, as soon as I said their name you immediately started singing "the Right Stuff" or "Step by Step" in your head. Or, maybe Hangin tough, I don't know what you preferred but you know you knew all the words. That's okay, I admit it too - I even saw them in concert. About 20 years ago! What the hell are they doing, a come back? Gross.

Okay, off to run errands and do things to keep myself busy. I may pick up some castor oil too, haven't totally ruled that out yet. Stay tuned people.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great labor day weekend, no labor. ;)

Well I had a wonderful long weekend starting with date night Friday with Dom. Saturday was errands and new patio furniture, thank you Mike for allowing us the luxury of using the Trooper to get around town. Love that beast. Saturday night we headed to KQ's to grill out - it was fun as always and Dom was introduced to new cider beers and had several of them, enough of them to feel it the next day. We were hoping maybe if he got hammered that Brooklyn would decide to come that night, but no luck. Sunday my parents and brother came over to grill at our house, it was great to see my dad as he was home from OK City for the weekend.

ACU Wildcats won this weekend! We streamed the game in at KQ's and were able to watch most of it - Richard did awesome and I'm so proud of him. Kicking ass as always. I so wish that I could be there to watch and support him, I'm hoping to make a few games this season but we'll have to see. They beat Northwestern Missouri who had been ranked 3rd, ACU ranked 8th - and they beat them at Missouri, who hadn't lost at home in 17 games.

No game this weekend so I may get to see him if their coaches let them off, hoping Uncle Rich can meet his niece. Again, we'll see.

So can you tell that there is a pattern of unknowns here all circling around the arrival of our little one. I'm telling you this anticipation sucks!!! Every movement, cramp, cringe, whatever I think 'maybe this is it', knowing in the back of my mind it's not. Those friends of mine that have had babies tell me when it's time - it's TIME, and you know it. So, we'll carry on and wait for her to decide what day she wants to have her "birth"day.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feliz Cumpleanos

So last Friday was my birthday and I had a great weekend! My mom and I did some shopping during the day and she bought us some last minute but much needed items for when Brooklyn gets here. We had a great mother/daughter day and I am thankful that we got to spend some quality time together as things just seem so busy these days. That night, Dom took me to a wonderful Italian restaurant, Andiamos Restaurante - food was great and the atmosphere was even better. Very quaint and how he found this place who knows. I love that about him, he always takes his time finding the perfect spot to celebrate special occasions. And, you can't really go wrong with Italian as that is the way to my heart.

Saturday night we met friends out for drinks at Cuatro's. We without a doubt were the loudest bunch there (QUIROZ!)...which just proves that we are having more fun.

If only I had pulled the camera out sooner - this was classic! Love it Brian & KQ but as the saying goes, stick to the day jobs. Thanks friends for a great night out!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Take a moment

I had a great birthday weekend and I plan to update my blog with some bday pics and details but more pressing things are on my mind today. I got a call late Saturday night from Perri and she told me her Aunt Cindy died that afternoon in a car accident. Unfortunately I didn't pick up that call as we were at the bar and it was really loud, so I had to listen to that news over vmail - and I didn't pick that up until Sunday morning. We talked on Sunday and although I feel helpless here I hope that at the very least me listening to her and providing all the support I can over the phone will help some.

Aunt Cindy was her mom's sister, and I had met her many times. She meant so much to so many people and it's unbelievable to think that on her way to out Saturday evening she'll never return to anyone. When things like this happen in life we all should take a hard look at what we are spending our time stressing over, trying to make perfect, complaining about, etc... At the end of the day I bet we all have it pretty damn good. Things like this happen in life and there is no rhyme or reason, which is how I can define the word 'faith.' This is the only thing that can somehow make sense of things, but getting through that process is always a tough road to travel. God bless Aunt Cindy, and her grieving family. I am grateful to still have my opportunity to tell those around me that I love and appreciate them - you should all do the same. Life truly is short, so take a moment and love it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blame it on the rain...

Something happened yesterday that hasn't happened in forever - it RAINED! We got 1.80 inches of rain in Lakeway and my power even went out. It was the most wonderful thing I have seen in a long time. Islands had been showing up on Lake Travis, our grass is brown, and everything just looks like it could use a long drink. Well, yesterday, we got one. In case you have forgotten, here is what rain clouds look like:

If I could I'd have it rain all week. It was so nice to be home with my windows open, the rain pouring down...makes me pretend to be all crafty. I wrote some thank you cards and worked on my maternity book.

Yesterday I discovered where all the Lakeway women that don't work go. Any guesses? Target. The place was packed and I fell victim to what Target does best - fills your cart up with things that you don't need. Poor husbands working to make a living and Target capitalizing on their wives boredom. I quickly got out, but only to make it over to a cute boutique called Point of Origin where I bought a wedding gift, some Tyler candles, and some cards. It's dangerous not working - between grazing my pantry and spending money on things I don't need I could get myself into some trouble!

Today I practiced some self discipline. Met Angie for lunch at Ztejas, which she graciously picked up and then I walked Barton Creek Mall and came out with nothing. I think that's largely due to the fact I can't fit my fat ass into anything cute and I'm done with maternity clothes. Saw some cute baby clothes of course but I think until Brooklyn arrives I should probably hold off a bit.

So thanks to you rain for making my week great so far, it was nice to have you - please come back and visit us!

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Vacation" day numero uno

Okay - so here we go. Countdown to Miss Brooklyn's arrival has officially begun. I am now offically on maternity leave, or as my boss calls it, "vacation". Yeah, we won't comment on that any more than I already have. Most women that I have talked to don't necessarily refer to those moments of immense pain as vacation, as a matter of fact the descriptive words are far different than those used to describe the beach, mexico, cold beer, the sun, etc...also known as vacation.

Woke up when Dom left for work, but didn't actually get out of bed until about 10:00 a.m. Ate some cereal and tried to watch the View. Hmm.....5 women around one table all competing to talk just really sounded like noise more than anything interesting. Made the bed, started some laundry, got on the treadmill for half an hour, then Dom was home for lunch. We made lunch, hung out, and he left - I took a bath, read some in my book and got on the computer. I can do this! Oprah starts in an hour, what the heck is there to complain about.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last day of work tomorrow!

Last day of work is tomorrow, I can't believe it! It's so awesome to know that next week I can do whatever the hell I want to, assuming B doesn't decide to come early. I plan to get organized, although I have been 'nesting' and I don't know what else to do. The kitchen was cleaned out and rearranged, closet has been done, her room is completely done - clothes are in order I swear the hangers are an exact inch apart. What is that? It's temporary - because I know once she's here we will never see her closet as straight as it is now. I'll have to post some pics of her nursery soon, it turned out to be so beautiful, and soft.

The crazy part about being done with work is that I have that sense of OMG she's almost here. I'm not sure if any of you mom's out there felt this way (I'm sure you did), but suddenly I have these waves of excitement, and of apprehension. Apprenhension defined with nerves, not regret. Mike D was nice enough today to send me an email from one of his friends that just had a baby, naturally, and said it was the worst pain EVER. Thanks friend. I know the epidural option is available but I am at least going to attempt this natural thing. If I don't make it - so what. So there is anxiety about that but really more than anything it's this feeling of vulnerability knowing you have this little life that you are now responsible for. I know it will all fall into place as it should but 'whew' the unknown can be overwhelming. Dom has been pretty cute, I think the reality has set in for him recently and freaked him out a bit too. Today he ordered her some Jets onesies for football season. When they start to suck mid game I'm sure he'll change her clothes immediately, but it will be cute while it lasts. Daddy's little girl? I'm afraid so.

So, time to close the chapter of work life w/out kiddos. Next time I arrive at that office I will have a whole different set of priorities. Talk about perspective. Farewell Small World Labs, for a few months. I won't miss you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog list!

Check out my blog list! I know that it's short compared to others but it seems like this thing is becoming contagious. There are still some of you skeptics out there but at the end of the day it's fun and it's a great way to keep everyone in the loop as we all lead our crazy lives. So, welcome to the club Carrie - We wish you the best of luck this football season, if it gets out of control I'm sure I can find something for you to do, clean, cook, diaper to change, my house.

So people, I am hitting the wall. My last day at work is this Friday, August 15th and I am counting down. Time is standing still for me this week and I just am trying so hard to not do the downward and to the right glance at the clock on my computer. But it stares at me and haunts me. Maybe I'll just change the settings so that it reads like it's Friday and pack it up and go home. Most of you are probably cussing me at this point because YOU still have to go back to work that next Monday. Alright, I'll be quiet. Mentally I am just drained and I want to think about nothing but my baby girl, Dom, and all of the other things that make me happy. Not client issues, project schedules, emails to answer, etc...I only have a few weeks left of this pregnancy, assuming she goes 40 weeks, and I just want to soak it all in. Since I left my parents house I have never not worked - most people haven't - but I don't know what it's like to just wake up and turn on the TV, workout, eat, meet friends for lunch, run an errand, watch Oprah, etc...I'm totally okay playing the housewife role too, dinner on the table at 6 - sure! Once Brooklyn arrives I doubt those luxuries will exist but I plan on enjoying them for the next two weeks or so. Oh - and blog! I left that off my list. Not sure if I'll have interesting things to talk about every day but I'll try.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thanks to my girls!

Had my shower on the 26th - it was a great time and a big thank you to my girls! KQ had Gracie in one hand, 10 HEB bags in another and managed to get everything set up in a couple hours. Carrie, Audrey, and Perri helped out too and it looked awesome. We got most everything we need - now just waiting on Brooklyn. I'm 35 weeks now and counting down, if she decides to come early that's fine with me. Last day of work is August 15th and assuming she's not here I'm looking forward to doing not much of anything.

A little fun fact for you - Austin has broken the record of most consecutive 100 degree days since 1925. Super.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Maternity pics!

Kyla was nice enough to send me a digital copy of some of my maternity pics - like I said she is awesome. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Admiring the dedication... those that blog consistently. Impressive - really. And then even beyond that, those that write for a living. God bless you Mrs. Spencer and the things that you do. I had my own form of writers block since my last post, I would have long been fired if this was my job.

Speaking of jobs, Dad got an new one - he's now employed as a Supervisor for Embry Construction! First project is in Oklahoma City so he hit the road Monday and won't be back for awhile. Amazingly enough the jeep cherokee that he drove up there made it all the way. Those of you that know the Havins family & luck with cars can understand the victory there. Congrats dad!

Dom and I attended childbirth classes these last two Mondays - I'm ready! I think, I guess, we'll see, I mean as ready as you can be for labor. It's exciting though and I feel as prepared as I can be. I had another dr. visit and we got to see the little munchkin all squished in my belly, she weighs 4 lbs 5 oz (last Wednesday), so she's defnitely getting there. We also got maternity pics taken and they turned out great. Kyla was awesome, anyone looking for a good photographer check her out at I'll post a few pics if I can get a digital copy.

Off to get baby furniture now - the room is almost there. If Babies R Us didn't suck so bad we would have had this all put together awhile ago. I won't bother you all with how bad they suck but just trust me on this - they are the most inefficient, unorganized, SUCKY place in Austin to buy baby furniture. Ciao!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where's Lee?

Lee Greenwood that is. We needed him on the 4th of July during the finale of the fireworks but he never showed. We had KVET blaring from our garage thinking surely we would hear the famous song, "And I'm proud to be an American...", but as the fireworks wrapped up we just took it upon ourselves to close the show properly. Great time had by all on Friday, speaking as the only sober one in the house, besides Gracie, I can vouch, and remind all others that were there that it was a good time. Apologies to my neighbors for the conversations taking place on the back deck that involved all guys, including Steven Hand, Mark Spencer, and my brother. There is a reason the rest of us were sitting out front. Sorry to the car that Steve threw the beer bottle at. Sorry for the loud screaming of "blue","green", "red" but per Mark Spencer we thought a good way to create sound for the fireworks was to scream out their color. They were a distance away over the lake and the loud boom didn't accompany, so we made our own noise. 4th of July weekend was awesome.

Back to the daily grind this week with nothing fun or exciting to report on. I'm sure all of you watched the Bachelorette finale Monday night - can you believe she picked Jesse!!? I was excited, the other dude was a huge dork and ran like a girl. Nice guy, but she'd run all over him.

Went shopping with grandma and mom (soon to be grandma) and got Brooklyn's stroller. I will honestly say that a wave of inadequacy hit me as I attempted, many times to unhook the car seat from it's base, on to the stroller, and off again. Folding the stroller was no easy task either. If Brooklyn had been in them she would have gotten motion sickness from the jerking. I'll need to practice! It's amazing how the simplest tasks can scare you into your parenting reality. :)

Approaching 32 weeks tomorrow, counting down!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Centipede's, Spaghetti, and Painting!

Yeah, three things that don't even make sense to remotely put in the same sentence. It's the title of my latest post though because these are the three things that I feel the need to share since I last updated this thing.

So, this morning I was leaving my house and asked Dom if he wanted me to take out the trash. (This is the subtle way of reminding him that it's Tuesday and he needs to take out the trash). Hey - I'm pregnant and I'll use that until the day this baby is born. Well, as I opened the garage and moved one of the boxes from Brooklyn's furniture delivery a GIANT centipede stared back at me from our driveway. This thing was prehistoric looking, I've only seen something like this one other time in my life. It had to have been a foot long, and it's legs were a inch long - ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. Dom, in heroic fashion, came to my rescue and beat the shit out of this thing with a paint can. Must have hit it like 10 times. Sorry to all of you centipede lovers, but another one bites the dust. So since I've lived at my house I have seen two tarantula's, a snake, and now this. All outside but still! Anyone know a good exterminator?

Spaghetti: When pregnant, be aware of your stomach while cooking on the stove. I was making spaghetti last night and while browning the hamburger meat I burned my stomach on the pan. It is so big that I don't even know where I am relative to the stove, and now have a line across my belly. Niiiiice.

And now, to the fun part. This weekend Dom and I took on two projects - staining shelves and painting letters for B's room. For someone that has little artistic ability and can barely color between the lines, they turned out great. To my artsy friends - no comments please!!!



Me staining shelves - this was the exact location
of the GIANT centipede.