Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great labor day weekend, no labor. ;)

Well I had a wonderful long weekend starting with date night Friday with Dom. Saturday was errands and new patio furniture, thank you Mike for allowing us the luxury of using the Trooper to get around town. Love that beast. Saturday night we headed to KQ's to grill out - it was fun as always and Dom was introduced to new cider beers and had several of them, enough of them to feel it the next day. We were hoping maybe if he got hammered that Brooklyn would decide to come that night, but no luck. Sunday my parents and brother came over to grill at our house, it was great to see my dad as he was home from OK City for the weekend.

ACU Wildcats won this weekend! We streamed the game in at KQ's and were able to watch most of it - Richard did awesome and I'm so proud of him. Kicking ass as always. I so wish that I could be there to watch and support him, I'm hoping to make a few games this season but we'll have to see. They beat Northwestern Missouri who had been ranked 3rd, ACU ranked 8th - and they beat them at Missouri, who hadn't lost at home in 17 games.


No game this weekend so I may get to see him if their coaches let them off, hoping Uncle Rich can meet his niece. Again, we'll see.

So can you tell that there is a pattern of unknowns here all circling around the arrival of our little one. I'm telling you this anticipation sucks!!! Every movement, cramp, cringe, whatever I think 'maybe this is it', knowing in the back of my mind it's not. Those friends of mine that have had babies tell me when it's time - it's TIME, and you know it. So, we'll carry on and wait for her to decide what day she wants to have her "birth"day.

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Carrie Burr said...

Damn, I want to see that baby!! Glad you had a good weekend and that Richard won.