Friday, May 29, 2009

Vulnerable topic #1: Grilled cheeses

(Good friends have heard this, sorry for the repeat - too good not to share)
Most of my blog posts reflect on parenting and all that comes with. Switching gears with this one in an attempt to share some humor, and reality.

Friday night. Got home from work, after a brief Craigo's happy hour, and Dom is anxious to go to Johnny Finn's. Important detail here is the conversation on the phone in the car ride home. It was one of those that started, "yeah things are great, love you, love you too" and went to "yeah. fine. whatever. bye!"

Second important detail: Not a happy camper when I arrive home. I am also not one to just 'forget it' and move on the with the evening. I am a talker. I need to talk, talk some more, to the point of resolution and exhaustion. Dom - he can shut down and get silent, and it drives me CRAZY. So, I'm like an annoying mosquito he can't kill. Lovely way to start the weekend.

He goes over to the stove to make a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner because clearly we are not going anywhere. He has his back to me, and I am going and going and going, and then I crossed the line. I questioned him, his manhood, and all things never to be spoken of again - I ask, "where did your balls go?"


That was it, I did it. I went there - that place in an arguement you should never go but realize quickly there is no return. You must face it, own up to it, and apologize excessively.

So I made my comment and it went still, and silent in our house. Dom turns around with frying pan in hand, and hurls the grilled cheese across our kitchen, into the dining area. Spatula quickly followed and landed in the corned. I am standing there, staring, and coming to terms with the fact that a grilled cheese just launched my direction.

He grabs his keys, heads for the door, and is gone until 9:00 p.m. that night. Note to self: NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN. Oh, and we need bread.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why bother?

Don't buy baby toys, it's a waste of money. And if you do hit up the local consignment shop and grab them for 1/3 of the original price. Your kid won't play with them anyway, she'll go for various kitchen items and drawers, laughing at you and the ridiculous toy you just bought.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Milestone month

So May is turning out to be a serous milestone month for Brooklyn. She's crawling as mentioned in a previous post and has already picked up some speed, I think my favorite moment was when all of the sudden I look from our kitchen to the bedroom and her big eyes are peeking around the corner, staring, thinking about making a mad dash to the living room so she can get into our DVD's.

We've also had a couple of tantrums at bedtime. Who are you? What is this screaming and standing up in the crib (yet another milestone) as if you are in an orange jump suit behind bars, for life? She has, ehem, had a mobile but that was torn down in her fit of fury.

She eats baby food like I eat queso. We are up to 3 jars a day when only a month ago I wore most of it. We have also entered the world of cheese puffs, the baby version, some make it in the mouth and others the floor, but she loves them just the same.

I FOUND A TOOTH! A little white sliver of tooth shining through her gums. We are hoping this explains the thrashing tantrums in her crib.

Lastly, and I think the most memorable milestone of all - a hard turd. She gets all red faced and it's quite obvious now, no more pools of green to fear, little mini turds have arrived.

We're only on day 15 of this month, what's next?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

I've had a great weekend so far. I always called my mom and acknowledged Mother's day and her commitment to her kiddos, but I didn't necessarily need to be reminded by a certain day to do so. I actually have always felts that days like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's, etc...are just another commercial ploy at stealing more of your money. We all fall for it, yes you do.

But, selfishly, now that I am a mother I really am enjoying the publicity and attention. Mine started on Thursday when I got flowers from Dom, a beautiful bouquet to show off in my office. Also serves as a reminder to all the men I work with to do something for the mothers in their life. What....mothers day.....wife....oh yeah....shit.

Saturday was a great day, we got up early and did the March of Dimes walk for babies. God, I was an emotional wreck. It was an experience that I loved and will do year after year. Walking for our babies and those that have lost, beautiful faces and little feet sticking out of strollers. In the evening we went to a steakhouse out in Spicewood - Backstage Steakhouse. Food was fantastic, I recommend everyone go try it. They had live music too, and the guy playing invited Brooklyn up on stage. He is a pediatric nurse in the daytime and was overjoyed to have a little baby up on his stage. She rocked out with him, playing his guitar and his piano as he sang "Somewhere over the rainbow" to her. I cried.

This morning I woke up to fresh coffee and breakfast, Dom got up with Brooklyn so I could sleep. It was a cute attempt, although with Mickey Mouse clubhouse blaring on the TV I had a hard time 'sleeping in.' I swear if Mickey Mouse came through my door and I hear "oh toodles" or "hot dog hot dog hot diggety dog" I might just punch him. Love the guy but NOT WHEN I'M TRYING TO SLEEP IN. I suppose I need to see a therapist before that trip to Disney World. ;)

Brooklyn is asleep, Dom is out working in the yard, beautiful day. I hear I'm having dinner made later this evening, and a pedicure is all set up too. Yeah, I can get used to this day of pampering and acknowledgement. I love it, but I love being a mom. Thank you angel for giving me the opportunity.
Happy Mom's day to all of you rockstars! What a job, but what a reward.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goodbye, things.

I picked Brooklyn up yesterday from school, went home, put her on our bedroom floor and went to change clothes. I walked out of my closet only to notice she was no longer where I originally sat her, but rather 6 freakin ft away and not stopping.


She had been showing signs of this dreaded mobility I hear other parents speak of, but not really going from one place to another. It was more a scoot in circles or face plant on the rug after a desperate attempt, but not forward.

My little one as hit a major milestone and I seriously almost cried. I don't know, it just sums up the progress that has been made in such short time. Yesterday, it seems, she could only lay on her stomach or back, could care less about toys, and hardly recognized us. Now, we are most definitely mommy and daddy, she waves, claps, has favorite toys, puts everything in her mouth, has ATTITUDE, and MOVES! Miss Independent, heaven help us.

So, goodbye, things. You were all so nice and in tact before the monster got a hold of you. Such a lovely couch, floor, rug, DVD's, cabinets, pictures...*sigh*. So, if any of you are looking for me this weekend I'll be at my house, currently under construction.