Monday, December 8, 2008

It's the holiday season...

So, Thanksgiving was a success! I'm not sure the table was set correctly but all in all we pulled it off without issue. Had a little help from mom & grandma but at the end of the day we were all stuffed with turkey, mashers, green beans, rolls, cranberry, pies, cookies, and lots of wine. That was a crazy weekend, we had Friday to recover - but ended up buying a car, then loaded that new SUV up Saturday morning and headed to Abilene. Quite the crew that day - as Captain Rick, Sadie, Robert, Uncle Larry, Mom & Dad, Dom, Brooklyn, and I were all there to watch Richard play. Won't go into the details but they lost and it was freezing! :( So no more Wildcat football right now but it was still a great weekend with my family, it's been awhile since we were all together.
Yeah, so I'm now the proud owner of an official "mom" car. Nope - not a minivan - not a chance in hell, but it's an SUV. We bought a 2009 Saturn Outlook and it's perfect for us. Spacious and safe, and much easier to load the peanut in. My back was going out from bending down in that damn Saab to put her carseat in or take it out. Au revoir Saab, you have been good to me.

Christmas tree is up and it makes my house feel so cozy. It's also another form of entertainment for Brooklyn as she can't get enough of the lights. I'm glad it's the holiday season, despite how depressing some make it sound. This could be a chance for us to take a step back and remember what it's all about. Simplify life just a bit. The other night we popped in Christmas vacation, had a fire in the fireplace, and shared a bottle of champagne. Nothing sets a romantic tone like cousin Eddie screaming "shitters full!". ;) Oh yes, it's definitely the holiday season.

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