Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 lessons learned

So, over the past 4 weeks I have learned some valuable lessons I'd like to share:

1.) There is no such thing as 'quickly' changing a diaper. You must always have the changing pad and replacement diaper in hand, if you don't you will end up paying $37.41 to have your comforter dry cleaned.

2.) You can't avoid spit up so don't try. Even if you cover yourself in burp cloths it will ultimately find the one piece of exposed clothing and land there.

3.) Babies know when you are trying to do the quiet and delicate lay down in there crib. The will immediately wake up no matter how hard you had them to sleep. Just put them down, save yourself the humiliation.

4.) Designate specific pockets in the diaper bag for things. Diaper bags come with 100 different pockets, if you just throw your stuff in there it will take hours to find where you put the butt paste or pacifier, and you don't have time for searching. Very important lesson learned.

5.) Don't sit near the front of any restaurant. Everyone that comes in the door wants to look at your baby and talk to you. This is nice sometimes but when you're trying to enjoy a nice dinner with your hubby this causes way too many interuptions.

6.) Don't bother putting socks on a baby, they always fall off and you end up with one of every pair.

7.) Just take the photo.

8.) DVR things throughout the day so you have something to watch when you're up at 3:30 a.m. Paid programming gets old.

9.) You will always be late not matter how hard you try, so tell folks you'll be there 30 minutes after everyone else.

10.) You can blow dry your hair, put on make up, change clothes, make spaghetti, do dishes, laundry, and write your blog with just one hand.

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Brian said...

It's amazing what parenting brings out in you - and it's so much fun!