Thursday, October 21, 2010

Waiting for T.

I take pictures all the time on my iPhone. Capture, reflect back, move on to the next one. I finally uploaded them to my pc today and it was literally like going back in time to relive so many amazing moments. My actual camera does the same thing but it's as if I didn't expect on my phone, like that picture I took was to somehow freeze time, but never going to be hung on a wall somewhere. I should scroll them more often, because in the 378 images I have on there I climb a mountain of memories.

Specifically, our last outing with Brooklyn before her baby brother arrived. We loaded up and went to Build A Bear (amazing freaking idea of a store why couldn't I have thought of that!!!) and out to lunch. I literally can flash back and be in that day.
Mingo arrived in our family that day. Mingo is her pink flamingo's name, because you see, Brooklyn didn't want anything to do with bears, or puppies, she picked out a giant pink bird. Which is exactly why I love that kid.
We went to lunch afterwards and I just remember sitting at the table thinking this might just be our last meal at a restaurant as a family of 3.

And I was right.

Later that week, this happened.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

You turned two over a month ago, this letter is long overdue. Blame your little brother, work, or your father for anything related to the delay in writing you this.

In the blink of an eye, literally, you have grown up. You speak in full sentences and you know exactly what you want. If you want juice you simply find your cup, go to the refrigerator, open it up, move a wine bottle or milk out of the way, and grab the juice. You then proceed to walk over to me and say 'open mama, taaaaank you mama.'And then you pitter-patter away to your next adventure.

Speaking of adventures - you are having many of them. You love to sing, dance, play in the dirt, wash Daddy's car, play with Barbies, play tea party with mimi or mama, "cook" with mommy in the kitchen, feed baby Ty, swim in your bathtub, play trains, paint pictures, rock and put your babies to bed (sometimes in timeout), pretend to be an animal and sometimes even a dinosaur, play princesses, dress up, put on makeup (chapstick)...your little imagination is always on. I cherish it. I want to snatch you up and freeze time as watching you grow is nothing short of amazing. I tear up a lot when no one is looking as I realize the moments I am having with you are some of the best times of my life.

You are VERY dramatic these days, "I stuck mommy" (while under a throw pillow), "WHOA, I fall down" (on purpose), "It's slippppery mommy" (you just have socks on), "Oh no, wah are we gonna doooo." (I have no idea what you are even talking about with that one), "Oh MY GOSH!!!!" (again, most of the time have no idea what you are referring to), "Is to heaby mommy" (It's just your blanket B, you can lift it), and my favorite "WE HAVE TO GET OUTTA HERE!" (as you run from something that I clearly cannot see). My little damsil in distress, how you melt my heart.

You're not off the hook though Miss B. You are starting to show your Daddy and I all of the traits that make up who you are. You're persistent, creative, competitive, demanding, and can be quite the diva - full of attitude. Remind me when you're older to tell you about the MELTDOWN you had in Central Park while in NYC. That was a fun one. So much so that a cop stopped your father and asked him if that was his child since you were screaming so hard for mommy. That was either before or after you hit your dad in the face. He can tell you about that one too. :)

"Terrible-two's" aside you are the most remarkably loving little girl, intelligent and observant beyond your years. You make us laugh so hard we cry, and you bring an energy into any room that makes everyone light up. Your mimi, papa, grandpa, and nana love you. Your uncles are already scheming on how they will be protecting you as you grow, and your little brother looks at you with eyes of adoration.

You are my B, my B-sker, my angel, my Brooklyn. I love you more than any mommy could ever explain to the world. Happy belated birthday my love.

The Mama.