Friday, July 25, 2008

Maternity pics!

Kyla was nice enough to send me a digital copy of some of my maternity pics - like I said she is awesome. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Admiring the dedication... those that blog consistently. Impressive - really. And then even beyond that, those that write for a living. God bless you Mrs. Spencer and the things that you do. I had my own form of writers block since my last post, I would have long been fired if this was my job.

Speaking of jobs, Dad got an new one - he's now employed as a Supervisor for Embry Construction! First project is in Oklahoma City so he hit the road Monday and won't be back for awhile. Amazingly enough the jeep cherokee that he drove up there made it all the way. Those of you that know the Havins family & luck with cars can understand the victory there. Congrats dad!

Dom and I attended childbirth classes these last two Mondays - I'm ready! I think, I guess, we'll see, I mean as ready as you can be for labor. It's exciting though and I feel as prepared as I can be. I had another dr. visit and we got to see the little munchkin all squished in my belly, she weighs 4 lbs 5 oz (last Wednesday), so she's defnitely getting there. We also got maternity pics taken and they turned out great. Kyla was awesome, anyone looking for a good photographer check her out at I'll post a few pics if I can get a digital copy.

Off to get baby furniture now - the room is almost there. If Babies R Us didn't suck so bad we would have had this all put together awhile ago. I won't bother you all with how bad they suck but just trust me on this - they are the most inefficient, unorganized, SUCKY place in Austin to buy baby furniture. Ciao!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where's Lee?

Lee Greenwood that is. We needed him on the 4th of July during the finale of the fireworks but he never showed. We had KVET blaring from our garage thinking surely we would hear the famous song, "And I'm proud to be an American...", but as the fireworks wrapped up we just took it upon ourselves to close the show properly. Great time had by all on Friday, speaking as the only sober one in the house, besides Gracie, I can vouch, and remind all others that were there that it was a good time. Apologies to my neighbors for the conversations taking place on the back deck that involved all guys, including Steven Hand, Mark Spencer, and my brother. There is a reason the rest of us were sitting out front. Sorry to the car that Steve threw the beer bottle at. Sorry for the loud screaming of "blue","green", "red" but per Mark Spencer we thought a good way to create sound for the fireworks was to scream out their color. They were a distance away over the lake and the loud boom didn't accompany, so we made our own noise. 4th of July weekend was awesome.

Back to the daily grind this week with nothing fun or exciting to report on. I'm sure all of you watched the Bachelorette finale Monday night - can you believe she picked Jesse!!? I was excited, the other dude was a huge dork and ran like a girl. Nice guy, but she'd run all over him.

Went shopping with grandma and mom (soon to be grandma) and got Brooklyn's stroller. I will honestly say that a wave of inadequacy hit me as I attempted, many times to unhook the car seat from it's base, on to the stroller, and off again. Folding the stroller was no easy task either. If Brooklyn had been in them she would have gotten motion sickness from the jerking. I'll need to practice! It's amazing how the simplest tasks can scare you into your parenting reality. :)

Approaching 32 weeks tomorrow, counting down!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Centipede's, Spaghetti, and Painting!

Yeah, three things that don't even make sense to remotely put in the same sentence. It's the title of my latest post though because these are the three things that I feel the need to share since I last updated this thing.

So, this morning I was leaving my house and asked Dom if he wanted me to take out the trash. (This is the subtle way of reminding him that it's Tuesday and he needs to take out the trash). Hey - I'm pregnant and I'll use that until the day this baby is born. Well, as I opened the garage and moved one of the boxes from Brooklyn's furniture delivery a GIANT centipede stared back at me from our driveway. This thing was prehistoric looking, I've only seen something like this one other time in my life. It had to have been a foot long, and it's legs were a inch long - ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. Dom, in heroic fashion, came to my rescue and beat the shit out of this thing with a paint can. Must have hit it like 10 times. Sorry to all of you centipede lovers, but another one bites the dust. So since I've lived at my house I have seen two tarantula's, a snake, and now this. All outside but still! Anyone know a good exterminator?

Spaghetti: When pregnant, be aware of your stomach while cooking on the stove. I was making spaghetti last night and while browning the hamburger meat I burned my stomach on the pan. It is so big that I don't even know where I am relative to the stove, and now have a line across my belly. Niiiiice.

And now, to the fun part. This weekend Dom and I took on two projects - staining shelves and painting letters for B's room. For someone that has little artistic ability and can barely color between the lines, they turned out great. To my artsy friends - no comments please!!!



Me staining shelves - this was the exact location
of the GIANT centipede.