Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump day

Where does the time go - it's hump day and it seems like I was just contemplating our weekend plans! Friday night KQ and I joined the Spencers, Mike, and a few others for a pool party. Hey - pool parties on the EAST side is where it's at. One minor detail, we were at the pool no more than 15 minutes and the only rain cloud in the city managed to position itself right above our little get together and poured. We packed it up and headed back to the condo. We still managed to squeeze on the porch and drink some beers, burn a few heaters, and have great conversation. Don't worry - no beer or heaters for me.

Saturday Dom and I got up and we did decide to go to Houston, which was great! A road trip with him is easy, we talk a bit and then I make him listen to all my good CD's that he loves so much. ;) A little Pat Green on the road never hurt anyone, and he no longer denies it - he likes country music. Well, some of it. It was great to see Perri and Ryan, and their kiddos. Hats off to the two of them as keeping up with little Brody and Addison is a lot of work! Perri just looks at me and smiles as if to say, "you have no idea what you are in for, do you?" Brody is going to be two this July and once again - I can't believe how time is flying by!

Sunday we headed to my parents house and enjoyed a great day grilling with them, and looking at my mom's war wounds from when she fell through the garage ceiling on Friday. Yes, grandma Donna fell through the ceiling of the garage while looking for tea sets of mine for Brookyn's room. I'll leave it at that though, it's a sensitive subject for her (although the rest of the family got a bit of a laugh out of this once we knew she was okay ;). My poor father though, he'll be reminded of how he needs to clean out that damn attic everytime he, or she, goes into the garage.
So, here's to time flying and it being hump day today. Just remember, as I try to do, to make the most of time, it's precious.

Friday, June 20, 2008

What to do?

So, weekend is right around the corner and my undecisive self can't figure out what we're doing. Options, head to H-town to see Perri & Ryan or stay in town and hit the lake on Sunday with some friends. Both arn't too shabby huh? It's just the gas prices are so high right now and we are trying to save up the cash for when B arrives. A quick road trip does sound good though, hit the road with good CD's and enjoy the scenic drive on 290 - that beautiful town of Brenham with the Budweiser plant and K-bob steak house. Oooohhhh, I think that's where the cafe/gas station/grocery store/town bar is too - or wait, that might be Giddings. Smells like a giant greasepit in there. No, Giddings has the crappy Sonic. If you want a good sonic drink before you hit the road you have to get one before you get out of town. Don't forgot to stop in Elgin and pick up some BBQ, and then hit the flea market on your way back into town. That flea market is fanceeeeeee. That's the 290 route, there is a whole new world of adventure if you take 71 to I-10. Oh, Houston - land of polluted skies, horrible traffic, obesity, and humidity. Sounds tempting! We'll see what we end up with - regardless, looking forward to just being off work for a couple of days.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mt. Everest

Voluntary weight gain is something that you get used to when pregnant, and you come to accept it. No worries, I'll just keep up with the exercise side of all this (I tell myself). I will say that I learned from my mother who walked up and down our stairs with Robert, and rode the stationary bike with Richard, that it does help things. That stationary bike, by the way, was louder than most cars today. But she stuck with it and it paid off. I'm attempting to do the same thing but as I put on the weight the exercise gets a little trickier. At most these days I walk, and just last weekend I started swimming laps. I did 10 and was exhausted! I haven't swam a lap in years, swimming with this belly made it all the more interesting. I'll keep that up though as it feels great in this 100+ record setting summer we are having. So, for the walks Dom and I tackle the streets in our neighborhood - and as of today I am down with an injury. We have a street that has a hill the size of Mt. Everest and me, being determined to keep my ass from tripling decide that I can take on this hill, 29 weeks pregnant, 2 days in a row. Hate to say use the expression but things just arn't like they used to be, on my 2nd attempt I seemed to have popped something in my knee which has resulted in me limping around the house, and work since yesterday. It's my surgery knee which is equivalent to an 80 yr. old's anyway, so I'm sure I did something. Pretty sad when your neighborhood hill is, in your mind, much like that of Mt. Everest. Seems like I should just stick to water sports for the remainder of the pregnancy!

Went to the Dr. today and she's doing great - everything is on track - 11 weeks to go!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Dads. A day to celebrate them seems appropriate, considering they put up with us their entire life, and our mothers too. My dad, what does he want on father's day? Peace and quiet. Hahaha, as if there is such a thing in the Havins household. I guess at the very least my mom knows she has to keep her household requests to a minimum, and me, well I know that I can squeeze in about a 5 minute phone conversation to tell him I love him and the rest of the day is his - to sit on the couch, watch whatever he wants, make a mess, and just relax. Knowing my father he flipped through channels that consisted of Nascar racing, golf, re-runs of Bonanza, or the Andy Griffith show. And he loved every minute of it. I sent my parents my blog URL and my dad, leave it to him to speak his mind, told me he just can't understand why I put my life out there for everyone to read. It's just a generation thing I tell him, I love you dearly dad but you are still trying to figure out how to work email. Grasping the blogging concept is way beyond you - but I am so proud that you are trying! Regardless, as I promised you, you would be the honorary guest today in my blog. Making your debut as granpda Stan, painting the baby's nursery. Here's to you dad - and to keeping up with mom and I, and the boys, all these years. We love you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Bump

So, last night Dom and I went to grab a sandwich for dinner. It was a nice night and we sat outside to relax and wind down from our crazy days. A cute, older couple was sitting at the table to the left of us and they looked at my workout tank top that read baby bump and both started commenting on how cute, and how nice of me to wear a shirt that called out I was pregnant rather than making people guess. The older gentleman said he had made that mistake twice in his life, asking when someone is due when they arn't pregnant! Dom can relate, he did that to a woman in an elevator in Manhatten, and had to ride 45 floors up with her. Now that's not awkward. This couple was so genuine towards us, and our little baby bump and I couldn't help but feel so grateful. We both had such busy days yesterday, and the day to day stresses had really caught up to us. It's amazing how life, in all it's fullness, can completely blind you from the things that are happening that matter most, and are priceless. I am thankful for this random couple as they slowed me down last night, made me pause and really cherish this time that he and I have together, watching my belly grow with little Brooklyn inside. I am 28 weeks today, and I have promised myself to stop and smell the roses a bit more.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

$22.00 Reuben

So I've done it - dove into the world of blogs. We'll see if I can keep up with all of you experts. I'm trying to keep up with the MySpace and Facebook thing, considering I haven't updated either in months I can already admit my challenge here. But, with a little one on the way maybe I will be inspired to share on a more frequent basis. I'll try not to make this all about the prego stuff going on right now, but for those of you that say it's blissful - YOU LIE! It's amazing, yes, but it's full of suprises and things that should really be kept to yourself. Especially on my first blog post. One things that does come with pregnancy though is my ability to EAT more than I ever have. Suddenly - large amounts of food don't gross me out. And with that I'll leave you with the $22.00 reuben sandwich Dom and I shared at Carnegie deli in NYC not too long ago. He almost fell out of his chair, I tucked my napkin in my shirt. What? It's the hormones.