Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Days gone by...

It was just the week before last that I was praising myself for keeping up with my blog, to my standards any way. It's been over a week since I've last been here - where does the time go? I'm convinced now that I have a kiddo I will be saying that over and over. We hit the 6 week mark this last Monday with Brooklyn, that seems to be the common age where you don't feel so inadequate and crazy anymore with your new baby. I agree, seems like now things have just fallen into place. We have a routine, I guess, it varies a bit day to day but I'm calmer now if something is not quite in sync. You learn the different cries, grunts, stares, squirms, and for the most part you know how to please the little munchkin. And then there are the days when no matter what none of your new found tricks really work. A little stressful at times but then she goes to sleep and you stare at that little face and it's forever worth it!

We've been up to quite a bit, I swear my child has gone more places in the first 6 weeks of her life than most do their first few months. This last weekend we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and head downtown for a bit. Brooklyn got her first glance at South Congress, 6th street, and the Capitol. She even had a pint at BD Riley's. Okay, maybe mom had the pint but whatever. Best part of the weekend was the boots we bought her at Allen's on South Congress. They are way too big for her now, but in a few years I have this strange feeling she'll be tromping around here with just a diaper and those pink cowboy boots. Loading up in the truck with her uncles or grandpa, heading out to the ranch to go hunting or fishing, but still keeping it real in the pink cowboy boots.

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