Friday, September 5, 2008

Practice breaths?

Not me - but Brooklyn. Apparently babies practice breathing before they join us, which I had read about but had no idea it would give me such a scare as it did today.

So - no labor, obviously, but I did have a Dr. apt so they could check all the things they normally do and see if I was dilated. Nothing more than 2 cm which is what I have been at for 2 weeks. Not looking likely to happen over the weekend but you never know. Because I am past my due date though my Dr. did have me go get an ultrasound so they could check on things and I learned during that exam that they look for three things: heartbeat, movement, and practice breaths. The first two she passed easily but the third - nada. They have to do the ultrasound for 3o minutes and if they don't see her try one of these breaths than they send you back downstairs for a stress test. So, 30 minutes later I was back downstairs in my Dr.'s office hooked up to a machine where they monitored her heartbeat and measured contractions. (Which by the way I was having but didn't feel - and it didn't phase Brooklyn at all). I called Dom to let him know what was up and he immediately left and came over, he was more freaked out than I was. I just had a feeling that things were going to be okay, and it turns out they are - but for about half an hour there I didn't know what to think. They send you around without telling you much until they know something, so I just followed instructions - 3 hours later I'm home and we're all good. I guess they'll keep an eye on things but they said she's fine, so I trust them. I did get to see that my baby girl has a full head of hair, and, she weighs between 7 - 8 lbs. That is crazy considering about a month ago they had me do an ultrasound because they thought she was smaller than normal, and at that time she was in the 30th percentile, guess my baby doesn't like being below average already. ;)

So it turned out to be quite the day for me, made it go by fast at least. I had to take a few breaths myself but all is well. Cheers to the weekend!


Juanita said...

I am glad everything turned out good. Also, at one of my last apointements I was barely dilated and the doctor said I would for sure be there for my last two appointments. I never made it so things can change quickly. Hope it happens soon for you guys.

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