Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Her latest obsession. And yes, that last one is a camouflage hat, compliments of her Uncle. And yes, she only has on a diaper and socks. At least she's trying to accessorize!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Apple Crumb FAIL

I think I've mentioned this before - I like to cook, it relaxes me. So, in the spirit of the holiday season approaching I decided to bake an apple crumb pie on Sunday. Thanksgiving is at our house again this year, audience includes my MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER, both who kick Betty Crocker's ass.

So, I must practice.

I found a great recipe, picked up everything I needed while at the grocery store on Saturday, and even researched how to do a lattice. Yes, yes I did just use the word lattice and I answer to 'Chef.'

Okay I'll admit, I scatched the lattice - that's only for the big time.

First step was to peel and slice the apples. Done. Easy. Put the slices in a bowl of water to avoid browning. Moved on to the sugary coating. Done. Made the crumb pieces out of cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. Done. Put applies in pie crust, added crumb topping, BAM, in the oven to bake for an hour.

SUPER easy but I threw a little flour on my face anyway for dramatic effect.

40 minutes into it I check on my pie. Hmmmm. Something just doesn't look right, at all. I pull the pie out of the oven and it has literally turned into apple soup. THE SLICES WERE FLOATING. I suppose this had something to do with me soaking the slices in a bowl of water. Who the hell knew? (If you do, shut it.)


Friday, October 23, 2009

Less space, less things, more life.

My hubs was traveling this week for work, so what does that mean to me - time to catch up on some Oprah after mom duties cease. Or, Umpa Humphrey as my dear friend calls her. No idea where he got that but it sticks, doesn't it?

One of her shows this week profiled the happiest people in the world and my conclusion after watching is that we're moving to Denmark. To be specific, Copenhagen.

There is a huge emphasis on family, but not from the outside looking in, rather the inside looking out. No one seems to be 'keeping up with the Joneses' as we often say here in the states. They choose a more simplistic approach and genuinely focus on the relationships rather than status. They are modern people with nice things, just not in excess.

Less space, less things, more life.

They are extremely environmentally conscious, 1/3 of the population rides their bike around the city, often times with fresh groceries for the evening in tow. Homelessness, poverty, and unemployment are also rare - if you lose your job the government pays 90% of your salary for four years! Say wah? Oh, and healthcare is free. Oh, and you get paid to go to University when you graduate high school and tuition is free. As if that's not enough they take special interest in mama's and their babies. Women typically get 6 to 12 months of PAID maternity leave! Here it seems we fight for 6 to maybe 12 weeks. On the flip side of that they don't put too much emphasis on getting married/having babies - everyone following a certain mold. They encourage people to be whatever they want, no need to label just be happy. One woman said they leave their babies in carriages outside of cafes when they sleep, it's completely safe. She'd never heard of anyone harming a child. No such thing as sex offenders, in fact, she looked at Oprah like she was crazy for asking. Seems hard to believe considering you can run a search within 5 miles of any zip code here in the states and up pops a long list of crazies.

Lastly, and possibly the most important note, they apparently have this bread - RugbrØd that is to die for. Oprah says so at least, and if she says it, BELIEVE IT.

The place fascinated me and I think somehow worked it's magic as I was in a great mood after watching. Now, I realize this is a 'show' but I'm sold. Don't know about you but it sounds like they are doing something right. I'm adding this to my list of places I must visit, oh, and I sent hubby a text to find a job there. :)

Wanna go?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

KID car.

We took at little road trip this weekend to visit my bad ass brother that plays football at ACU.

Last year was cake as Brooklyn was 6 weeks old. This year, not so much, and I learned a little some about myself: I officially have KID CAR.

First of all, my SUV (mom car) has two captains chairs in the middle, then a very back seat that can fold down. It gets folded down for all the shit we bring with us now. It honestly looks like we are moving when in reality we are leaving for ONE night. Let me repeat, ONE NIGHT.

There is a giant bag of toys that sits between the captains chairs. Giant bag'o'toys is supposed to be a life saver when the little one wakes up but all I find is that she gets bored, quickly, with pushing buttons that make safari sounds. She looks at me as if to say, 'listen crazy bitch if you ask me what a monkey sounds like one more time I WILL CUT YOU!' So, said bag of toys ends up all over the floorboard, and then some.

Snacks. Road trips have a plethera of snacks but not the good ol' bag of beef jerky like we used to have. It's more crackers, fruit, etc...of which suddently seem to turn her into the HULK and she crushes anything and everything I put in her little hand. It's like those confetti eggs we all hated, but instead of paper it's made of mushy food. Her car seat and my floor with covered with crumbs. Awesome.

I can admit this, I'm not scurred. I used to walk by peoples cars that I could tell had kids and think, 'OMG look at that dump. Pick up your shit and quit letting your kids take over your life.' I know, slap slap to me. Just thought some were too lazy for their own good, and still do, but have a fresh perspective on what monsters  kiddos can do to/in the back seats.


...in the first 30 minutes.

For every 30 minute interval double the size of KID CAR that is happening. We were on the road collectively for 7 hours this last weekend. You do the math.

F'ing disaster.

I cleaned it out when we got home because I didn't want mistakenly start being filmed for the next crazy freakshow hoarders episode.

Moms and Dads I was better than, yeah...sorry about that. You can stop stabbing the voodoo doll now though, I get it. I have KID car now too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I love shoes. I do. I mean I LOVE SHOES like I could marry them type of love. You can have on any outfit, put on the right pair of heels, flip flops, boots, wedge, sandal, and ta-da, you are FABULOUS.

I also firmly believe they set a tone. If you walk into a room with a rockin' pair of heels on people notice them and it says confidence. If you have on a wedge that is classy, but soft, you look sophisticated yet relaxed. Flip flop - lazy, fun, carefree, and ready to drink some beer. Boots mean the seasons are changing and it's time for some comfy sweaters and fantastic accessories. Shoes are awesome people, AWESOME.

That's why I owe 65+ pairs. Some of you may gasp because you think what the hell, that is too many and others may gasp and think oh my god that poor girl has no shoes. Whatever side you are on, just know that I know you have your own vices, mkay?

Insert life change - I had a daughter.

What does this mean? MORE SHOES!!! Her very first pair were a little ballerina slip-on that were leopard print with a tiny pink bow. Let's see, as a newborn she wore them NEVER. Because no one told me as a new mom that those things would not stay on unless you superglued them to their tiny little feet. They are proudly on display in her room though. Next in line is pair of pink cowboy boots that I bought while pregnant that she can't wear until she's about 2 - whatever, minor detail. She got a pair of black patent dress shoes for her first Christmas pictures. When I put them on with her dress they just didn't work so she went barefoot and those were worn NEVER. Over the summertime I bought her flip flops with a strap on the back. Worn NEVER because she was too fascinated with the piece that went between her toes, apparently she couldn't walk. What is the damn deal? When is my daughter going to learn that being stylish isn't always easy. GAWH!

Okay Brooklyn grandma - let's go for functional. I broke down and bought several pairs of Robeez, which while definitely functional they are not so cute. I mean, unless her boot cut jeans cover half of them up. But, they worked, she walked in shoes, and we're all good.

She's had those for several weeks and I decided last night with her upcoming fall festival, trip to see her Uncle this weekend, and the holidays around the corner we need to graduate back into fashionista. I bought her two pairs of boots and some fun sneakers for schools. The boots fa-reak-ing rock.

I put the black pair on her this morning with some leggings and I swear she stood there frozen, then picked up each leg as if I had tied a concrete block to the bottom of her foot. FINE! Robeez it is but when we get home the boots are back on for practice.

Judging me yet, I thought so. ;)

Trust me, I want what's best for my daughter, I really do. And what's best, is good taste in shoes. There is hope, though, as she loves my closet and tries to put mine on all the time. Except we really have to work on that look. She looks like she wants to choke somebody.

Sigh, baby steps.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hope squared

Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

I can't sew, but I wonder if it's time I learn. I'll add it to my "list" of things to accomplish that just stares and haunts me. I know some of you can though, and my friend over at chikaustin needs you! I've mentioned Jade in previous posts, but just to refresh she is the founder of Craft Hope:
-"a love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate. It is our hope to combine our love for crafting and desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world."
They just announced Project #5 - Margaret's Hope Chest. The mission is to provide handmade quilts to homeless children in the public school system in Detroit for the Christmas season. Craft hope is teaming up with Margaret’s Hope Chest, a quilting non-profit organization that serves other people in seemingly hopeless situations.
"They strive to share with people around the world the HOPE that they have been given. Over the past two years they have given over 100 quilts to children, adults, families, and organizations. Each quilt has joined a journey- a journey of sickness, death, abuse, fire, disease, disability, or new beginning."
If you are interested in helping, please visit Craft Hope for all of the details from Jade. Their tagline is spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time, and as I've mentioned before, I'll just be a planter.

Friday, October 9, 2009

For you, punkin.

I'm wearing a scarf today. Nevermind that it's super thin, orange and grey striped, and matches a little too well my orange super thin pretend sweater. Blue jeans and my super sexy fun Gianni Bini brown boots. Yeah that's right people, a cold front blew into Texas and it's 58 degress - sweater weather in the south. Yeehaw.

I love this time of year, but only really when the weather starts to turn. We have to take full advantage of these days too because I think it's literally supposed to be back up to 90 by next weekend. Gross.

I'm envious of the places that have a real FALL season. In my mind I can see the fall like colors, leaves turning, feel the brisk air, smell the warm comfort foods...and then I go to flip on the a/c and it's an instant dream killer.

Not this weekend though, it's supposed to stay on the cooler side. I can't wait to lounge around my house in my fat clothes and do a whole lot of nothing. We are going to get out Sunday though and join some friends to take kiddos to a pumpkin patch at Sweet Berry Farms. I'm a little excited about this, I've always wanted to have a little one to dress up all warm and take out to pick out a pumpkin. Fun family memory to make. You know, like the Griswold's and their Christmas tree. We'll get to that in a few months I suppose.

In the spirit of the cool weather, the pumpkins, and the turn of the season I'm going to bake some pumpkin bread this weekend and thought I'd share the recipe. If it doesn't taste good it's clearly your fault. :)

1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin puree
4 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
2/3 cup water
3 cups white sugar
3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger


1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour three 7x3 inch loaf pans.

2.In a large bowl, mix together pumpkin puree, eggs, oil, water and sugar until well blended. In a separate bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger. Stir the dry ingredients into the pumpkin mixture until just blended. Pour into the prepared pans.

3.Bake for about 50 minutes in the preheated oven. Loaves are done when toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

This is the low fat version kids, wink, so get on your snuggie and enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bad Hair nap

I feel ya girl, bad hair days suck.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Watch me grow

There is this super nifty little thing that Brooklyn's school has that allows me to log in and watch her via video stream throughout the day. It's called 'Watch me grow.' This is beneficial for many reasons,

a.) I can see what they are doing at any time which prevents any weirdo's from getting away with stuff they shouldn't.
b.) Allows me to see how she's interacting, if she's sleeping when she normally would be, eating, playing well, etc...
c.) Keeps me somewhat connected to her even though she doesn't know it, and helps feed that curiousity of 'what the hell is my child doing all day!?'
d.) Makes me insanely jealous and sometimes borderline emotional wreck for my work environment.

I'm sure d. comes primarily at the same time every month when my raging hormones are just being on their best behavior. The same timeframe where I cuss, scream, and cry about nothing important all in a matter of minutes. You know, when my husband loves me the most and thinks I make perfect sense. Wink, wink.

She just transitioned into her 3rd classroom this week. She started there in the baby room, moved into the 2nd classroom, and now that she's hit a year old is moving again to bigger and better places with new friends to make and different teachers. This new classroom requires them to wear shoes every day. This is symbolic because we are definitely starting to get away from a wardrobe of cute onesies to actual outfits (shoes-score!). She gets to listen to Spanish, play in sandboxes, sit at mini-tables with matching mini-chairs, do arts and crafts, play fight with friends, and GROW.

...And I get to watch. It's truly bittersweet being a working mama.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm alive!!!

Okay yeah, wow. That kicked my ass for realz. The flu sucks, go get your shot if you haven't already. Unless I suppose you like running 101+ fever and feeling like someone has beat the crap out of you, plus coughing, plus snot, knocked on your rear for 4 straight days. Up to you, I'm just sayin.'

It really put a cramp in my whole update the blog with fun weekend pics plan I had on Sunday. So, let's just rewind and pretend last weekend just ended, mkay. Mkay.

Because I work for a really cool company I had a ticket to see George Straight on Friday night. Said cool company actually had a suite stocked with food and adult beverages. Yet another cool move. I was on my best behavior since I was flying solo for a little while, then that got boring and the fun began.

On Saturday we welcomed another woman into our house. Dear blog world, meet my husband's new mistress.

Yeah, he actually said if the cup holders were any smaller I'd need to worry. YEAP. He said that. Because men say and think those things. He has been talking about this car for eternity awhile now and I think when he signed he papers that day slid into spot numero uno for the best day of his life. Brooklyn slid into 2nd, and our wedding day 3rd. If the Jets happen to win the superbowl I'll be in 4th. He spent the majority of the weekend out in the garage reading about it's 100 million features and gadgets. He's washed it at least 3 times this week, bragged about it to some random stranger at the Dr.'s office, and on Friday when we talked at lunch he was at Target buying car wax.

Total affair.

Okay so secretly I'm happy to have her in our life. He works hard and deserves it. And ultimately if she takes up too much time I will most definitely win. "What scratch honey?"

Fast forward to this weekend and it was full of fun too. Once I recovered I was ready to get out of my house. We had tickets to ACL fest so we grabbed a sitter for Friday night and went to listen to great live music and drink some beers. We met up with our rockstar friends Carrie & Audrey, saw John Legend and Kings of Leon.

It's been an awesome rainy weekend and I'm finally finishing this blog post. Started Friday but what the heck. Jumbalaya in the crock pot and football on the big screen, and I get to hang out with that little shit below. Feels good to be alive again.