Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The tube.

Yes, I let my daughter watch TV. Yes, I encourage her. And yes, I do it regularly. It's Baby Mozart from the Baby Einstein DVD collection and I LOVE the people that made these. Nothing else captures her attention for 28 straight minutes. Do you know how much a girl can get done in 28 uninterrupted minutes? If you are one of those freaks that is protecting their child from too much television go ahead, call CPS on me. I know the difference between this 28 minute clip and 5 hours on a Saturday afternoon with cokes and Cheetos in hand. Rest assured!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the spirit...

Had to post these in honor of this weeks historic events. Cheers everyone!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So Dom is a huge UF fan (also Mets and Jets), for those of you that don't know. This entire season I have had to hear about the Gators, Tim Tebow is a God, blah blah blah. When they lost to Ole Miss I thought I was going to have to admit him for some psychiatric help. Men and their loyalty...

In the spirit of friendly smack talking here is a conversation (via text messaging) between him and my father (Stan):

Stan to me: A little advice, put a nipple on the whiskey bottle for Dom and make sure you burp him when Oklahoma goes up by 21 tonight.

Me to Stan: Haha, I will. I just read your text to him, you'll be hearing from him soon if I had to guess.

Dom to Stan: You can tell OU is scared shitless by all of their smack talk. Rent a movie so when Florida is up by 21 you have something to do. Oh, and some advice for you, kiss my ass.

Stan: I had to rent a movie when the Mets tried to make it, when the Jets tried, so I don't doubt I'll need one for the Gators. I'm thinking of a Yankee highlight reel as I looked for a Mets reel but they don't exist.

Dom: Hey, why haven't you mentioned how awesome UT played? I tell you why - because they sucked Bevo's balls. They sure showed everyone they belonged in the title game - NOT so much.

Stan: 1/2 the population thinks sucking balls is not a bad thing. Don't be a Florida puss and turn your phone off in the first quarter. Long live the Mets, Jets, and Gators.

Dom: You win old man.

So, in the spirit of the National title tonight, and because I'm a pain in the ass: GO SOONERS!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My life on the 'M' list...

M as in Motherhood.

Warning: Do not continue reading if you are afraid or grossed out by baby poop and/or the topic of breast feeding.

I never thought the day would come that I used these words "Yay poopy!". But I did, it happened. My poor daugher is now exclusively on formula, the boobs just decided one day that they were done. Breastfeeding is out the door. I made it 4 1/2 months, and wanted to go a bit longer but nature has a way of doing what it wants. I was upset, briefly, but have now put my daughters health in the hands of a jar of powder. Good smelly powder too.

So back to the important stuff, poop. When Brooklyn was born the nurses asked that we record every time she has a dirty diaper, they want to make sure there is at least one #2 like substance in a 24 hour period. Brooklyn, no lie, had like 7 or 8. Since then she has been more than regular, until this last weekend. She hadn't gone in almost 48 hours and had a terrible day Sunday. Cried and cried, Dom and I both were just staring blankly not sure what to do with her. Monday we took her to her sitter as we both had to go to work and it was a BAD morning for her. Apparently crying until she started sweating. The night before we gave her some apple juice in her bottle, and again that morning. We picked her up that evening, got home and fed again, and then it happened. It was loud, smelly, and AWESOME. And I said it, "Yay poopy!". I was so proud and happy for this little one who had been so uncomfortable. Relief, finally, and she was all smiles.

It is amazing how life on the M list just gets better every day. It's the simple things in life, like a good pile o shit diaper, that make us happy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

For auld lang syne, my dear

So we rang in the New Year with much success. KQ had folks over and as always we had a blast. New Year's Eve last year we were in Manhatten and I had just taken a pregnancy test that turned out to guessed it...positive! I know that I have said this probably 10 times in this blog but it is crazy how time goes by SO fast.

The close of 2008 and the start of 2009 is encouraging. A new start for everyone, even though to some it may just feel like another day. The craziness of my life has slown down considerably, and I no longer seem to be that interesting to people anymore, which is a good thing. For awhile there those of you that know me can attest to my life seemingly being a hot topic of conversation many folks thought was their business to be in. 2007 was worse, but it carried into 08 and I'm hoping someone else besides me becomes their drama.

So here is to old friends, thank you for being you. To new friends, glad to have met you and look forward to memories to come. To Dom, thank you for everything you do, you are a wonderful father and have given me such peace. To Brooklyn girl - you are my angel. To my family, what a journey - I love you. To everyone - Happy New Year and good luck in the 09. It's going to be a great year.