Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend wins...and losses....

So something was up this last weekend, 6 of the top 10 college football teams lost, the Mets choked AGAIN (2nd year in a row) and didn't make the playoffs - and - Cowboys lost to the Redskins. I didn't care about many of those games, except of course for the Mets because that determines the mood around our house. Most of you already know that Dom is a crazy Mets fan and takes them very seriously - KQ and Carrie, you both know what I'm talking about. Well, yesterday we got all geared up, wrapped Brooklyn in her Mets blanket, got some stuff to grill, and watched them choke. Dom had to go nap after the game because he was so upset by the whole ordeal. They did suck and I was even frustrated so I let him grieve for awhile. Boys will be boys.

The weekend was not an entire loss though - ACU beat Eastern New Mexico and is now 4-0. Can't wait until we can go see Richard and watch a game. Friday night we loaded up Brooklyn and went out to dinner at Ciola's. That is a win for us because it's one of our favorite spots to eat, and when she was first born I felt like we wouldn't ever be able to eat at places like that again :), at least not for awhile. But she did great, slept the whole time and him and I had great dinner. She also took a bottle this weekend which is such a relief because I can now pump and Dom can feed her every once in awhile. This means happy hour with the friends is on the horizon. Brooklyn also held her head up a lot this weekend and is growing to be so big already. Her 3 week bday is today at 5:57 p.m.

On another totally different note I was at Target today and was loading up the car ready to leave when a woman parked next to me and stopped to meet Brooklyn. She asked how old, what her name was, etc...and then she grabbed my arm and proceeded to tell me how her daughter was dying of cancer and probably wouldn't make it through the week. She told me that life is precious and to never take it for granted, and then told me that Brooklyn was the best thing I have done so far in my life and walked away. She was very sweet and caught me completely off guard but it made me reflect for a second on what it must have been like to see me with my new baby girl, and to flash back and remember when she was my age with her daughter, who now she's saying goodbye to. I cried on the way home and then called Dom, he cheered me up but I felt I should share this story as it was another reminder of how precious life is and how thankful I am for the gift I have been given.


Courtney said...

Its so nice when they get to taking a bottle and you get a feeding away huh? Glad to see things are going great, you have a precious little baby girl. And you are right, enjoy it now cause it goes by SO fast!

Anonymous said...

good god man. don't talk to weirdos in parking lots.....remember - kick, karate chop, kick. always works.

Wildcats Rule!!!!

HLH said...

Oh Eddie - it was SAD! Plus, after you have a baby you are an emotional wreck. Doesn't matter what it is, you'll cry. You know, it's like how you must be after every Sunday that your Bengals lose. :)

Wildcats do rule!