Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Winds of change...

Ever feel like things are just in sync, moving, working, rhythm is good, satisfying my control freak needs, feeling the flow, then BAM!!! Change of pace.

That has been our lives the last three weeks and on into [insert big black hole.]

House stuff, family stuff, friends stuff, general stuff, etc...stuff. We’ve had a lot of after work commitments to fulfill, lots of them social so definitely not a bad thing but before you know it it’s Thursday and you have yet to sit for half an hour on your couch that you love so much and you quickly reflect on the days gone by where all you did was suck couch. Sigh. Weekend is right around the corner and the stuff picks right back up.

Dom and I have both have had pretty intense work schedules right now too, Chicago, Detroit, me – Dallas. Oh, yes, let’s pause on that one.

I was scheduled to leave for Dallas Thursday morning for work meetings, coming home Friday morning. It wasn’t required to stay overnight but my brother lives there right now while doing an internship. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the liquor bottle decorated, office chair for furniture, bachelor pad, home sweet dump that he has. I’m actually SUPER proud of him, but I do love what straight guys do to the place. Rewind again to Thursday at about 1:35 a.m., Brooklyn is stirring, baby monitor is LOUD AND CLEAR GET THE F*** UP screaming at you. My turn, I went upstairs to check on her and she’s sitting in her crib, stares at me, and pukes. I alluded to this puke in my previous post. Yeah....let me know if there are any tricks out there to direct a 10 month old on how to puke in ‘appropriate’ places. 5 hours later and I’m in the shower trying to figure out how in the hell I could do this drive to Dallas on 3 hours sleep. Easy – caffeine.

Fast forward to Friday night, I puke. Saturday, Dom pukes.


All good now, everyone is back to normal.

I just have that sense of change, not sure what it is, but it’s there. It’s progress at it’s best, life in motion. Dom is heading back to New York in August, going to the beach this weekend, various opportunities on the horizon. Just change. All of that, though, suddenly went into perspective for me though the other day when my baby girl demonstrated change to me more than anything. In the midst of craziness she pulls her attempt to walk. Jaws drop, freeze in place, “BABE!!! OMG!!! LOOK!!!!.” Four steps, crash. Couldn’t believe it and literally paused life to just watch HER. Such adorable innocence and determination. Her winds of change, blowing wild and free.

In that moment, all mine stood still.

(If anyone knows of video rotating software that is trustworthy, please let me know.)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


My blog has been sound asleep this week as it has been CRAZY busy. Work is nuts, Brooklyn got really sick, I got sick, now Dom is getting sick. I've learned this week timing is everything. More to come when I'm done cleaning puke up....

Hope everyone elses's week/weekends are going good, can't wait to catch up on all the posts I've missed this week!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Self control?

I had no intention of blogging right now, but they are staring at me. The chocolate covered raisins on my desk. I can't control myself either, little mother f'ers are too enticing! So, I pick up another handful, and make them the honorary guests of this post.

I bought them, so I am the one to blame, but where the hell is the self control? Clearly, I have none when it comes to certain things. I had breakfast and a LARGE coffee already today. I have lunch plans at noon. I have no self control.

Other things that win this battle:

  1. Queso. Large consumptions.
  2. Chips and salsa.
  3. 7 layer dip.
  4. Junior Mints.
  5. Veal Parmesan from La Mela's.
  6. Peanut butter granola bars.
  7. Ranch dressing.
  8. Crab legs and butter sauce. YUMMY.
  9. Wasabi peas. Random, but damn good.
  10. Cashews
  11. My dad's BBQ pork ribs!

I'm sure my list is much longer but I think that's all I care to reveal for now. I do try to balance out, control myself, with enough servings of low fat, healthiness, but every once in awhile damnit I love losing self control.

Guilty food pleasures anyone?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My husband, the designer.

Please observe my husbands latest addition to our household - the perfect pull up bar. This beauty now lives sits on the doorway of our MASTER bedroom. Looks great with our living room furniture, don't you think?

Lucky me! ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh what a night!

Had a wonderful weekend. Managed to relax, be productive, and party.

Saturday night we got a babysitter and headed out for our friend Brian's bday. Started with martini's at Peche, apps & more drinks at Saba, then off to Kiss & Fly for ... guess what? More drinks. Mama was feeling no pain...

I am so grateful for good friends, life would not be what it is without them. It was fun for Dom and I to have date night too. We hadn't been out downtown together in awhile so it was fun to reminisce at some of our old spots, pre-baby. The night ended in classic fashion too, he and I stopped for taquito's at Whataburger. You know it's been a good one when you are sitting on your kitchen counter scarfing down potatoe, egg, & cheese at 2:00 a.m.

Happy Birthday Brian! We love you.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 months

In the midst of being reminded about what I was reminded (last post) about I forgot to REMIND myself that my baby girl turned 10 months old yesterday!


For the millionth time I am going to state again, time flies. I don't remember days EVER going this quickly when I was a kid, or even in college - determining what pool we were going to lay out at after we got our Sonic drinks seemed to drag out forever. That never flew by. WTF, life? Why do you seem to go so much faster now!

A 10 month old no longer sits still for my camera. I had to chase her little ass around to get a photo that included her in it...
Happy 10 months baby girl! Every month that passes you show me how I can love you even more.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Thank you friends for your suggestions on Monday. I have started with little things, picking my workouts back up, reading a book, and just re-focusing altogether.

I have been reminded though, this week, to be nothing but thankful. Here is why:

Monday night Dad called me and asked to help him send my mom flowers. His job requires him to work out of town for weeks at a time, and my mom is an empty nester getting by with her two dogs and beta fish. I talk to her a lot, and she holds up pretty well but I know she had a little breakdown Sunday night all alone. We got the flowers ordered and she had a great day. But I am reminded, I am not alone.

A blogworld friend at OceanDreams tagged me in a photo contest a couple of weeks back, but between traveling and getting back into the swing of things I forgot all about it. Here are the rules:

* Open my first photo folder
* Scroll down to the 10th photo
* Post that photo and story on my blog
* Tag five friends to do the same

Here is my photo:

This is from when we went to visit my youngest brother play football last fall at ACU. Brooklyn was just a tiny little pup and it was one of the first times my entire family was together since she had been born. The whole crew was there, even Uncle Rob, who is holding her in this picture. The weekend was an awesome memory and this again reminds me to appreciate my family and all their love and support. I was, and obviously still am, SO proud of my little one so sharing her with my brothers is AWESOME.

Lastly, I read the Spohr's blog every day. Sometimes I tell myself not to because it often ends in me tearing up before my next work meeting, but I can't help it. It has forever changed my life and serves as a CONSTANT reminder to just enjoy your days and be grateful. I often think about Heather when I sometimes am losing my patience with Brooklyn, am overtired, overwhelmed, whatever it is...I stop and I think of her and I change my path. I hate that because of her loss I am reminded.

Sticking with my theme, I am reminded now that I must tag 5 friends to carry on the photo stories...have fun!
Brian@ Matheny's

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Funday

Back to the grind this week, and for some reason today I am seriously needing some motivation. I sound a bit crazy because things have been great, and I'm so ever grateful for the love and happiness I have felt pouring into my life. We had an awesome 4th of July celebrating with friends & family, cold beer, and fireworks.

I don't what it is though, I feel I am in a personal slump in being creative, inspired, and motivated. This probably applies to me professionally more than anything, so I'm looking for some motivators out there.

Having a job is motivation enough, in this economy, I do realize. Maybe I just need to paint something (not that I paint), do something creative, recharge those juices. Dom suggests something else, the thing that most men would recommend when needing a release. ;) Too personal for you, sorry... but while I appreciate his suggestion, this is different. I want to listen to some good music, watch an inspiring movie, and do a good deed. Volunteer perhaps?

What do you kids do to get that energy flowing again?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back to life, back to reality...

Sigh, vacation.

Over. Done. Back to reality.

BUT, it was wonderful. Romantic, beautiful, fun, and the type that when you are packing that last day you are sad. Not ready to go home.

We spent a few days out on the Island and visited Dom's family. Went to see the Mets play at the new field, and you wouldn't believe it - but, they WON. Awesome. And we ate yummy ribs and Brooklyn had ice cream. Even more awesome.

Dom and I went into the city on Friday for our ceremony while Brooklyn stayed behind with her Aunt & Uncle. It was beautiful. Romantic, simple, perfect, and the weather held up. It had been raining literally every day in June but for some reason on 6/26 the sky parted and the sun showed her face. Amen. After we said "I do" we went to the boathouse for some champagne, such a peaceful moment for the both of us. Husband and wife, finally. Amen again. The rest of our day was just as wonderful, dinner, a play, a rooftop bar to end the night. I just made one of my best memories.The rest of the trip was amazing too. Brooklyn came into the city on Saturday, we had lunch at our favorite spot and she LOVED to eat pasta with her daddy. Spent lots of time in Central Park, visited her bridge, Chinatown, just really soaked it all in. We walked as much as possible but was truly impressed at my little one's ability to handle planes, trains, buses, taxi's, her stroller. The plane ride home I had that baby - the one that is done sitting still, does not understand why we are not moving, SCREAMING, and TIRED. I just look at everyone and want to tell them she is only expressing loudly how you are all feeling now that we have been taxi'ing on the runway for over half an hour. So suck it.

You can suck it too, reality. Although I must get back to you now.