Monday, September 22, 2008

Nap time = Me time

Alright, so two weeks down and I'm getting the hang of this. My little one is doing great and changing every day. She is trying hard to hold her head up on her own and I'm amazed at how strong she is! She stays awake and then sleeps for longer periods of time which I have quickly learned means 'me' time. Not 'me' time like lounging around and getting pedicures, more like do the dishes, straighten up, shower, jump on the computer, make a few phone calls, and figure out what to do for dinner, all in about two to three hours. Hey, I'll take it. Amazing how the apprehension about this whole experience changes over the course of just two weeks. We're not quite in a set routine yet but we're getting there, and just the change in me is drastic. I think the hormones have calmed down a bit and I'm feeling great. I am trying to soak up this time when she is so tiny and just lays around on Dom or I, needing us 100% of the time. I know that changes fast and so I'm literally taking mental snapshots of her as the days go by. I think I may venture out for lunch this week with the friends, and who knows, we may go visit Daddy at work.

Here are a few pics from over the weekend, we went out on Saturday for a little bit - lunch at Rudy's, a stop at the driving range, and then to Adrienne and Brian's for his bday celebration.

Nap time is also blog time...and guess what...she just woke up.

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