Friday, December 10, 2010


Brooklyn saw Santa on Sunday, she said "TRICK OR TREAT." God bless her, the holidays at 2 years old just all run together. As expected, both my kids were just a little confused by the whole Santa ordeal.

I bought Elf on a Shelf. Genius concept and totally working.

I'm the new puree queen. Sneaking veggie purees in almost every meal, got you B! Thank you Double Delicious for the amazing recipes that are so tasty.

We've watched almost all of my favorite Xmas movies already - Christmas Vacation, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th, you get it. Those paired with champagne are the ideal way to kick off the season.
Thanksgiving was at our new house this year. Hosted 15 people and pulled it off - got my Martha Stewart on and managed to not make anyone sick. Score!

Ty is huge. He's 6 months old Wednesday, for the 90000th time, I can't believe how fast this is going.

Christmas decorations are up, my house feels so warm and cozy, except when Brooklyn took a bite out of a GLASS ornament. It was an icicle she claimed look like a carrot. At least she was going after a veggie.
Happy hours, holiday parties, booked weekends from here until the New Year. I love the holiday season and can't wait to celebrate with my babies, family, and friends.

So much to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


To stay consistent with several of my last posts, as few and far between as they may be, I need to talk about a very important transition. Changes. A transition that I think subconsciously I was putting off simply to slow down time...

My littlest G is sleeping in his own bed, upstairs, in his own room.

My husband and I have never had our kids sleep in our actual bed, but next to it in a bassinet. It's so much easier those first few months to just reach your arm out, find the paci, feel them breath, get up to feed them when you're a foot away. Listening to a newborn baby breath in the still of the night warms my soul.
Two weeks old.


Five months old now, ready to move more, stretch out, kick, be on.his.own.

So last week we did it. We took him upstairs to his room, laid him down in the crib, he was asleep in less than 5 minutes. My sweet little baby boy, all grown up already, I stayed there for a few minutes just soaking it all in, letting go, transitioning.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crazytown, population 4.

This fall has been nothing short of insane for my family. No bullshit, no exaggeration, and those of you that have been around me have heard all of it, every last detail. Thank you for being there!
It all started with this grand idea to list our house, cause, you know, the babies need some room to run. Given the market is craptastically slow we figured it would be months before it sold. Offer came in 3 days later. Here we go.................

Listing a house with two small kiddos is tough, because you have to stage it as though it's picture perfect at all times. No dried food on the counters, hidden cheerios under the couch, laundry, toys, normal life has to been masked so that no one gets scared away. On that note we're forever grateful it took no time at all.

So we move into "lets find a new house mode" and it took a minute for me to find one we loved. But what we found, we loved.

Minor kink - the husband decided that it was time to leave his current job. It's a long, drawn out story that I'd be glad to tell one day but at the end of the day - nothing about his old company is worthy of me even wasting my breath anymore. What's done is done and I supported him 100%. He did manage a payout, so at the end of the day - he's a bad ass and thank you old job for the down payment on our new house.

So yes, we decided to move forward with our new house - much more space, great neighborhood, perfect for us.

Oh, and lets not forget in all of this I went back to work. Minor detail.

Oh, and did I mention we have a 4 month old and a two year old.

Birthdays to celebrate, football season to tend to, pumpkin bread to make, all of my normal fall activities were weaved in and out of this tangled to-do list.

We are incredibly blessed, however, because two days after my husband left his job he got an offer from an outstanding company he had been interviewing with. Thank you baby Jesus and everyone else. Literally, blessed beyond measure.

Back to that to-do list:

New school for the kiddos
Pack more.
Schedule move.
Change of address
New utilities
Pack the rest of that crap that never makes it into boxes.
Insert work trip to Nashville mid-move.
Cure 2 year old with ear infection.
Unpack boxes.
Unpack more...
Halloween with friends (so fun, and so needed!)
Trick or treat with kiddos
We have no groceries...
Woops, strep throat. Quick shot in the hip and recovered. Minor hiccup.
Hubs starts new job.
New homeowners bitching about a missing stove top knob that was supposed to be delivered, not here yet...

It's ENDLESS! It's life.

But, we are over the hump and I swear I can finally see the dust settling. I can't wait to be boring again, able to call friends back, play on FB when the kids go to bed, my biggest task at hand is scheduling our ugly sweater Christmas party. My favorite time of year, can't wait to have my house put together, my kiddos in their xmas pj's, a fire in the fireplace, and to be home.

Almost there....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Waiting for T.

I take pictures all the time on my iPhone. Capture, reflect back, move on to the next one. I finally uploaded them to my pc today and it was literally like going back in time to relive so many amazing moments. My actual camera does the same thing but it's as if I didn't expect on my phone, like that picture I took was to somehow freeze time, but never going to be hung on a wall somewhere. I should scroll them more often, because in the 378 images I have on there I climb a mountain of memories.

Specifically, our last outing with Brooklyn before her baby brother arrived. We loaded up and went to Build A Bear (amazing freaking idea of a store why couldn't I have thought of that!!!) and out to lunch. I literally can flash back and be in that day.
Mingo arrived in our family that day. Mingo is her pink flamingo's name, because you see, Brooklyn didn't want anything to do with bears, or puppies, she picked out a giant pink bird. Which is exactly why I love that kid.
We went to lunch afterwards and I just remember sitting at the table thinking this might just be our last meal at a restaurant as a family of 3.

And I was right.

Later that week, this happened.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,

You turned two over a month ago, this letter is long overdue. Blame your little brother, work, or your father for anything related to the delay in writing you this.

In the blink of an eye, literally, you have grown up. You speak in full sentences and you know exactly what you want. If you want juice you simply find your cup, go to the refrigerator, open it up, move a wine bottle or milk out of the way, and grab the juice. You then proceed to walk over to me and say 'open mama, taaaaank you mama.'And then you pitter-patter away to your next adventure.

Speaking of adventures - you are having many of them. You love to sing, dance, play in the dirt, wash Daddy's car, play with Barbies, play tea party with mimi or mama, "cook" with mommy in the kitchen, feed baby Ty, swim in your bathtub, play trains, paint pictures, rock and put your babies to bed (sometimes in timeout), pretend to be an animal and sometimes even a dinosaur, play princesses, dress up, put on makeup (chapstick)...your little imagination is always on. I cherish it. I want to snatch you up and freeze time as watching you grow is nothing short of amazing. I tear up a lot when no one is looking as I realize the moments I am having with you are some of the best times of my life.

You are VERY dramatic these days, "I stuck mommy" (while under a throw pillow), "WHOA, I fall down" (on purpose), "It's slippppery mommy" (you just have socks on), "Oh no, wah are we gonna doooo." (I have no idea what you are even talking about with that one), "Oh MY GOSH!!!!" (again, most of the time have no idea what you are referring to), "Is to heaby mommy" (It's just your blanket B, you can lift it), and my favorite "WE HAVE TO GET OUTTA HERE!" (as you run from something that I clearly cannot see). My little damsil in distress, how you melt my heart.

You're not off the hook though Miss B. You are starting to show your Daddy and I all of the traits that make up who you are. You're persistent, creative, competitive, demanding, and can be quite the diva - full of attitude. Remind me when you're older to tell you about the MELTDOWN you had in Central Park while in NYC. That was a fun one. So much so that a cop stopped your father and asked him if that was his child since you were screaming so hard for mommy. That was either before or after you hit your dad in the face. He can tell you about that one too. :)

"Terrible-two's" aside you are the most remarkably loving little girl, intelligent and observant beyond your years. You make us laugh so hard we cry, and you bring an energy into any room that makes everyone light up. Your mimi, papa, grandpa, and nana love you. Your uncles are already scheming on how they will be protecting you as you grow, and your little brother looks at you with eyes of adoration.

You are my B, my B-sker, my angel, my Brooklyn. I love you more than any mommy could ever explain to the world. Happy belated birthday my love.

The Mama.

Monday, September 27, 2010

1st day of school...

BOTH of my kiddos started school today. What does that mean? It means I'm back at work. I say school instead of daycare because it makes me feel better. Where they go is a great place, awesome teachers, awesome curriculums - rules like, no baby in cribs unless they are sleeping no TV's,'s a good place. But it's not home, and I'm not with them.

I have a great job at a thriving company so I honestly cannot complain at all. It's just that staying in our pj's until Ellen was over every morning with a hot cup of coffee and my beautiful babies by my side was amazing. Planning dinners, keeping up with laundry, seeing friends for lunch, rainy days where we baked cookies, played barbies, painted, and watched too much TV....all so incredibly wonderful memories. I cherished my time home this second time around more than ever, knowing it would go by so fast and also knowing it would be my last (while they are babies, at least). I had days where I screamed into a pillow when schedules just didn't stick and melt downs occured. Thankfully my husband was there to pick up the pieces when he got home and get us all back on track. I don't really remember those days near as much as all of the fantastic moments I had just being a full time mommy.

I've always struggled with this since having kids, as I'm sure most moms do. I don't believe I'm destined to permanently stay home with the kids, but I do think that maybe through a year old would be absolutely ideal. At this very moment that option just doesn't exist for me and I have to do what is best for my family in the long run. I'm 100% not trying to be all 'woe is me' here as there are hundreds of thousands of moms out there doing this everyday too. And, I do like working. Harder for me to see that at this exact moment because this is literally day 1 back, but I know I like the intensity, the challenge, and the financial reward that goes with having a career.

All things in time always work themselves out. Emotions will calm down, schedules and routines will exist and I'll still love on my babies every single day as much as possible. The 1st day of school was just tough for me, period.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've been wanting to write a blog post FOREVER. I've been wanting to read blog posts FOREVER. I simply just have not done it. I REALLY want to get back on the bandwagon of posting regularly because I feel like I have so much to share with all 29 of you! This might go down in history as maybe one of the longest blog posts ever so pour a cup of coffee and get comfortable.

I've been home since the Friday before Ty was born. He was born on Wednesday, June 16th, and I literally thought I would write daily about the adventures of having two babies, summertime, birthday celebrations, graduations and trips. It's September 14th and all of those things have happened, memories in mind and not on paper. I have to go back to work on the 27th and I simply can't believe it. To many it may feel like I've been on "vacation" (as the young, ignorant boys call it) but to me I literally feel like we just got home with him. He's growing like crazy, and has changed so much in the short 13 weeks he's been here. He smiles and giggles almost every time you look at him. He sleeps from about 8:00 p.m. until 4:00/5:00 a.m., and gives us no fight when going to bed.

I keep waiting for that to change because it's a little too blissful. He's the littlest G and we are so grateful. Thinking about handing him over to someone else for 40+ hours a week makes me cringe.

Moving on from that topic now to avoid one of those start crying feel sorry for myself sessions. The summer was so much fun for us. BBQ's with friends, my birthday (DIRTY THIRTY!!!), a trip up to NYC to see family and spend a few days in the city. Our kiddos did great with all of the travel, we spent some time on Long Beach, Brooklyn, then in Manhattan. They rode on airplanes, taxis, cars, subways and were our little traveling soldiers. The oldest of the two had a MAJOR MELTDOWN in Central Park, worst in the history of her life, but that wasn't anything a few cold beers didn't fix for Dom and I when we got back to the hotel. She crashed for about 3 1/2 hours that day so clearly we over did it.
On the beach in Long Island
Brooklyn brownstone Dom grew up in
At FAO Schwartz
Both kids passed out in Central Park....heaven.
Ty hanging with Daddy walking the streets

My birthday party was a huge success. To me, at least. Boat on the lake. Kid free for two days. A ridiculous amount of BOOZE. Best friends. Hot sun. Good music. Awesome memories. The hubs worked his ass off to make it all happen, I am a lucky girl to have that man. He makes sure I always know I'm loved.

More important than my birthday was my baby girls 2nd birthday! We had cake at her school, balloons, dinner with our family and a never ending pile of presents for her to rip into. She pretty much has a full vocabulary at this point, does most things 'ALL BY MYSELF MOMMY!!!!", is an amazing big sister, and
literally changes every day. I look at her now and know that time won't stop, it speeds up. I love that girl more than life. 
It's the changing of seasons I suppose, although to me with this never ending heat wave it still feels like we should all be poolside. But, football games in the background are becoming an all too familiar sound. School has started for everyone, you can just feel the winds of change. Bittersweet for me as it means I'm about to close my final chapter of pregnancies, babies, and mommy time home. For now. Never know what the future holds right? And no, that doesn't mean more babies.

I am going to try, try hard, to blog more. My world around is so fast moving these days that I feel like if I don't force myself to capture some of this on paper I'll forget it all.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hug your babies.

It's been one year since my sweet baby cousin was taken from this earth at just 3 years old.

Gone, in an instant.

Since that day, that phone call, that funeral I have thought of her at least once every single day. She is a constant reminder to me that life is short, it's precious, and it needs to be LIVED. I find myself getting frustrated with my almost 2 year old who is rolling around in the aisle at Target, SCREAMING, because she wanted two big girl backpacks instead of one. Or, my 9 week old who still has no real schedule to speak of because the kid eats and eats and eats and my control freak type A personality is getting thrown a curve ball. Before I even have the chance to truly lose my patience my mind always goes to my Aunt and Uncle who would give anything in the world to have these 'frustrations'. They don't have them anymore, just toys on a shelf, little red boots, and books that don't get read.

It's important that we hug our babies every single day. We will be tired, overwhelmed, and in need of an adult beverage now and then but we have been given a life that is blessed beyond measure.

Live it. Love it. Cherish it.

Thank you Lena for reminding me every day to do just that. We miss you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Fat and Happy.

9 weeks old this Wednesday. I.CANNOT.BELIEVE.THAT.
Always eating.
Full of smiles.
Loves to 'talk.'
Loves his bath time.
Cranky when he's tired.
Growing like a weed.
Loving every minute.
Fat and Happy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

All good things.

Mad Men started yesterday.

Dom and I had a date Saturday night and THEN met friends for drinks. I had my first hangover since being knocked up a million weeks ago.

Milkscreen strips. If you don't know what they are look them up, or watch Kourtney and Khloe. They allow for a mom's night out occasionally if you are breastfeeding.

I took a bubble bath yesterday.

I bought Eat, Pray, Love today.

I also bought Bethenny Frankel's two books - I'm going to unleash the Skinnygirl, as she says.

I watched Food, Inc. last night. If you haven't watched this you must. As a result Ty and I spent over 2 hours at the Farmers Market today tying to buy all organic and natural. This shit is hard.

My 30th bday party is booked - houseboat on the lake with my best friends. The title of my Evite is "Go Shorty, it's your birthday..." - because what 30 year old mother of two isn't still listening to 50 cent. "We gonna party like it's your birthday..."

We're booked for NYC August 25th - going to see Dom's family and spend a few nights in the city. I simply cannot wait as I consider NYC my home away from home. We are booked to stay right by the park so we'll be spending a lot of our time with the kiddos there.

Brooklyn suprises me every day. New words, new sentences, new behaviors. I love her more than life and will never get tired of saying that.

Ty is getting SO big. This Wednesday he'll be 6 weeks old (uh - what!) and he's aleady grown over an inch and gained 1.5 lbs. He eats. And eats. Love his little face, tiny fingers, and tiny toes. We've seen a few smiles too, I'm hooked.

Life is good today.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Like Brother, Like Sister

Look alike? I think so, and everyone keeps telling me they do. Brooklyn has changed so much since she was born, looking forward to seeing just how handsome my little man is.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our new normal

I'm tired. I'm not going to lie. And what the hell is up with all of the paid programming that comes on after about 2:00 a.m. Who decided that those of us with newborns or sleep disorders want to watch countless hours of exercise equipment or hair growth programming? Thank goodness for my DVR - I can catch up on Toddlers & Tiara's, Boston MED, or the new season of Real World. I have to get out of bed and go in the living room when I feed Ty, otherwise we wake up Dom and then he's up the rest of the night. So far Ty has been doing great, giving me about 3 - 4 hours of sleep without interuption - I get about 6 - 7 hours of sleep total which I would consider fantastic. Even though I'm staring at my television at 2:30 a.m. and would love to be all curled up in my nice, soft comforter I stare at my little guy and cherish the moment. Tired and all I know this will pass quickly, as I watch my almost two year old dump out an entire bag of animal crackers as I sit here and type this.

Our new normal is starting to come together - Dom takes Brooklyn to school M-W-F, then she's home with me on Tuesday and Thursdays. We fill our Tuesdays and Thursdays with PJ's all morning, playing upstairs in her room, painting, doing *stickers*, taking care of Baby Ty. After her nap I try to find something else to do that allows her to get outside, although the rain today will make that somewhat difficult. We may curl up on the couch and watch Jungle Book or Nemo for the 134th time. I've had to let go a bit of my obsessive need to keep our house clean as I've learned quickly that dried cheerios on your favorite rug are the new normal, and a few dishes in the sink don't hurt anything. Dom reminds me that we do 'live' here, so let it be for awhile. I have felt a bit overwhelmed when Brooklyn is screaming for something and Ty is too - those are moments I just take a deep breath in, smile, and give myself a pat on the back for being able to shower and put on makeup that day.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ty Bentley Granato

Born June 16, 2010
8 lbs 4 oz
21 inches long

Welcome littlest G!

Yes, it's already been two weeks since the birth of our baby boy. Time is flying, as it always does - but we have just spent the last 14 days learning and loving being our new family of four. I will continue to say that I'm blessed beyond measure. Having our first child was so overwhelmingly special I truly wasn't sure how your heart allows to love even more beyond that. But, it does, more than anyone can understand until you have two or three or four of your own, but now being a mama of two small little faces makes more proud than ever before. The oldest is turning into a big sister now, learning how to share the spotlight, giving hugs, kisses, and showing her jealous side a bit too as a major meltdown ensues when little brother gets too much attention. For the most part she's doing amazing and I love watching her turn into the BIG sister I know she will be. The little one is breathing, eating, sleeping, and well - pooping. ALL.THE.TIME. I had forgotten how prepared you need to be at changing newborn diapers, there is always an element of a suprise if you're not quick enough. Sure we're not sleeping much right now, our schedule is a bit off, and the house gets messier than ever before but I'm absolutely diving into it all and cherishing every minute. Yes, my type A control freak side is challenged trying to keep up with things, or let go rather, but this time around I find myself more relaxed as I've seen with Brooklyn how fast it will all change. His little fingers, toes, tiny baby feet, pudgy face, sleepy eyes will be no more just a matter of time and I'm not going to miss a thing. It's weird to think that this chapter of my life is now closed - going through pregnancy was truly memorable but I am almost certain I can say I'm glad it's over. :) I mean, I love the heartburn, puking, uncomfortable 24/7 feelings, but I pass the torch to the rest of you now.

For now I am focused on being a mama of two, my babies, my world.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Final Countdown!

Last Thursday I went to see my doctor, weekly check up, with no expectations. I left knowing that I was 3 cm dilated and thrown into a whirlwind of 'whooohooo - let the labor begin!' It's Monday...and still, no baby.

Over the weekend I was counting every ache and pain thinking surely the little man would grace us with his presence any minute. It's Monday, no contractions, no baby...yet.

I do believe in divine intervention and in my case I believe someone was telling me I needed to take a few days to decompress. Looking back at the last few months I truly don't know that I ever really was able to relax like I tried to do, primarily because work was just so nonstop. Throw the rest of life on top of that and I don't know that I ever allowed myself to get fully into new mom mode. This week I'm off of work and able to do what I want to do - mani, pedi, a little shopping at Sephora, lunch with friends, hanging with Brooklyn. Laundry can be done at my earliest convenience, dinner can get started before 6:30, life can go at a pace that I have more control of. As much as I'm ready to get into that hospital and get this done I am enjoying these couple of days to get myself back to normal. But...don't get me wrong, it's in the back of my mind always that I'm one step close to being a mom of two. I can't wait!!!!!!

Let the final countdown begin....!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So much to say, so much to say

Holy pregnancy did I fall off the wagon with this blog or what? I've been mentally here, sort of, blogging in my head but never translating to paper. TOO. DAMN. BUSY. It mostly stems from work, things have been insane and while I'm very grateful for the job, I'm beat when I get home.

It's been a whirlwind these past few weeks, and then some. I'm 36 weeks pregnant this Saturday and am feeling every bit of it. We'll just leave it at that in an attempt to not sound over dramatic, and to spare you the fun details of what's happening to your body at the end. The end. The END - it's near! I can't hardly believe that in just a few weeks I'll meet this little man. This pregnancy has felt long, but then again looking back it does feel like it's also flown by. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we'll have another little one around. Brooklyn is it, she's our baby girl, so grown up now and becoming a big sister.

Lets pause and update on that little diva while we're at it. Her vocabulary is insane - she's says anything from 'mommy sit now!' to 'catepilwar', 'ouside','yogur','i like that!', 'be wight back', 'sweet deams!', it just goes on and on. The past two months have been remarkable in watching her change. I love that little mouse more than I can ever describer on paper, she is the best thing that has happened to Dom and I, hands down. She's also been helping in the kitchen lately and would like for me to let you know she'll be hosting a dinner party soon.
We are anxious to introduce her to her little brother, I'm confident she'll do great with the change but also know to expect a few rough patches as we work through giving our time to both.

House projects are still underway, my poor husband has been a freaking rockstar helping get everything ready. He has totally stepped it up and accomplished so many things over the last few weeks that we wanted to get done - I hope to post before and after pics of our room, the baby's room, etc...but considering it's been about 6 weeks since my last update, don't hold your breath.

Speaking of baby's room, my friends at work threw me an amazing shower and HOOKED us up with so many adorable little boy things. I am so grateful, it's such an awesome feeling when people are so generous and thoughtful, it overwhelms me. What also overwhelmed me was all the BLUE as I'm so used to seeing PINK. A balloon was all it took that day to throw me into the reality that my little BOY is almost here.

I've got so much to say, updates to give, stories to tell, but that's it for now folks. I'm hanging in there, almost done making this baby. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm 31 weeks now. I'm not a huge belly shot picture taker but I figured at this stage of the game I'll just use it to illustrate a point. See this:

This causes this:

I love getting organized, being creative, having the best of intentions to re-do this, re-do that, blah blah blah. But, then life happens and only about a 1/3 of them get done. Except when I'm pregnant. I'm a freakin rockstar getting stuff done around our house.

First on the list is a complete makeover of our bedroom. I'll take before and after shots but I'm replacing everything but the furniture - new carpet, new paint, new comforter, etc...I found our comforter finally which means I can get started with everything. A couple of the colors below will go into this new room, I can't wait to lighten it up and make it the one spot in my house I can go and escape.

I've also been working the baby's room. No big previews, you must wait until the big REVEAL before I can show you what his nursury will look like (like every other baby nursury you've ever seen) but hey - it will be special because HIS.

Dom and I went to Europe in September of 2007 - visited so many places I can't wait to get back to. Before the digital scrapbooking became as popular as it did I decided to put my own together of that trip. I've sat on this forever until recently, you know, because I have nothing else to do. Screw it, if it gets done, great.

Little things are getting done too, cabinets being cleaned out, reorganized my drawers, my closet, Brooklyn's toys, her clothes...MAMA IS ON FIRE.

Watch out.

Nesting much? I think so.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

19 months

You are 19 months old today. I feel like I could turn in a circle and you'll be standing there, 19 years old.
I love you sweet Brooklyn girl, you are my life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Case of the Mama Mondays

My husband called me this morning after he dropped our daughter off to tell me she had the worst break down ever as far as school drop off goes. Her school is right near his work so he takes and picks up every day. I am very grateful for this as it can be taxing on one person to do this every single day. Every morning he drops her off, watches her kick and scream, and starts his work day. We know this is normal behavior, they get over it as soon as you leave, but sometimes knowing that doesn't make it any easier.

Today was especially bad he said, lots of kicking and screaming "No DADDDDDYYYYY!!!!

When she woke up this morning she was in a great mood saying 'good mor-ing!' to us as Dom brought her downstairs. She asked for me and just laid on my chest for a few silent, still moments. My favorite times. She was acting goofy, dancing to Barney, enjoying pancakes & her 'bna-na'.

We do this routine 5 days a week and most days go really smooth. Others, like this morning, suck. I miss her, I want to stay home, comfy in our pj's, coloring, reading, playing, exploring...nap time after lunch while I get myself together, play on Facebook, blog, clean, start dinner, do some laundry. Wake up and go to the park, get home have a snack and wait for Daddy to get home. (Notice in my perfect world there are no meltdowns and tantrums to deal with). :)

It has nothing to do with dreading my actual job, that's not really the case at all. It has everything to do with just having a case of the 'mama Mondays'.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We're back....................

Sadly. :( We got back on Monday night after a WONDERFUL trip. I loved everything about Cabo and absolutely recommend that you all add it to your 'places to go' lists.
The weather was gorgeous, the view was simply breathtaking, service impeccable, and the kids club services they offered worked out great. Brooklyn got a few hours in the sun every day with mommy & daddy, and then a few hours in the kids clubs doing activities, playing with other kiddos, etc...while the hubs and I just relaxed in a comfy chair by the pool. We each got massages, I got a pedicure, enjoyed live music, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and each other.

Brooklyn warmed up to the staff there immediately and suddenly our 18 month old was bilingual. 'HOLA, HOLA, HOLA, HOLA...' we must have heard that 100 times from her. She did great on the 'airpanes' too, a few breakdowns in the customs lines but as I see it she's only expressing herself as we would if we could. Can someone tell me again why the customs lines always seems to have 100 booths, but 10 open? Ay ay ay.

We've managed to hop right back into our daily routines, work, bills, and all that comes with but mentally I check out and go back to this heavenly place:
Ahhhhh.....CABO. We shall meet again.