Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crazytown, population 4.

This fall has been nothing short of insane for my family. No bullshit, no exaggeration, and those of you that have been around me have heard all of it, every last detail. Thank you for being there!
It all started with this grand idea to list our house, cause, you know, the babies need some room to run. Given the market is craptastically slow we figured it would be months before it sold. Offer came in 3 days later. Here we go.................

Listing a house with two small kiddos is tough, because you have to stage it as though it's picture perfect at all times. No dried food on the counters, hidden cheerios under the couch, laundry, toys, normal life has to been masked so that no one gets scared away. On that note we're forever grateful it took no time at all.

So we move into "lets find a new house mode" and it took a minute for me to find one we loved. But what we found, we loved.

Minor kink - the husband decided that it was time to leave his current job. It's a long, drawn out story that I'd be glad to tell one day but at the end of the day - nothing about his old company is worthy of me even wasting my breath anymore. What's done is done and I supported him 100%. He did manage a payout, so at the end of the day - he's a bad ass and thank you old job for the down payment on our new house.

So yes, we decided to move forward with our new house - much more space, great neighborhood, perfect for us.

Oh, and lets not forget in all of this I went back to work. Minor detail.

Oh, and did I mention we have a 4 month old and a two year old.

Birthdays to celebrate, football season to tend to, pumpkin bread to make, all of my normal fall activities were weaved in and out of this tangled to-do list.

We are incredibly blessed, however, because two days after my husband left his job he got an offer from an outstanding company he had been interviewing with. Thank you baby Jesus and everyone else. Literally, blessed beyond measure.

Back to that to-do list:

New school for the kiddos
Pack more.
Schedule move.
Change of address
New utilities
Pack the rest of that crap that never makes it into boxes.
Insert work trip to Nashville mid-move.
Cure 2 year old with ear infection.
Unpack boxes.
Unpack more...
Halloween with friends (so fun, and so needed!)
Trick or treat with kiddos
We have no groceries...
Woops, strep throat. Quick shot in the hip and recovered. Minor hiccup.
Hubs starts new job.
New homeowners bitching about a missing stove top knob that was supposed to be delivered, not here yet...

It's ENDLESS! It's life.

But, we are over the hump and I swear I can finally see the dust settling. I can't wait to be boring again, able to call friends back, play on FB when the kids go to bed, my biggest task at hand is scheduling our ugly sweater Christmas party. My favorite time of year, can't wait to have my house put together, my kiddos in their xmas pj's, a fire in the fireplace, and to be home.

Almost there....

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