Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ty Bentley Granato

Born June 16, 2010
8 lbs 4 oz
21 inches long

Welcome littlest G!

Yes, it's already been two weeks since the birth of our baby boy. Time is flying, as it always does - but we have just spent the last 14 days learning and loving being our new family of four. I will continue to say that I'm blessed beyond measure. Having our first child was so overwhelmingly special I truly wasn't sure how your heart allows to love even more beyond that. But, it does, more than anyone can understand until you have two or three or four of your own, but now being a mama of two small little faces makes more proud than ever before. The oldest is turning into a big sister now, learning how to share the spotlight, giving hugs, kisses, and showing her jealous side a bit too as a major meltdown ensues when little brother gets too much attention. For the most part she's doing amazing and I love watching her turn into the BIG sister I know she will be. The little one is breathing, eating, sleeping, and well - pooping. ALL.THE.TIME. I had forgotten how prepared you need to be at changing newborn diapers, there is always an element of a suprise if you're not quick enough. Sure we're not sleeping much right now, our schedule is a bit off, and the house gets messier than ever before but I'm absolutely diving into it all and cherishing every minute. Yes, my type A control freak side is challenged trying to keep up with things, or let go rather, but this time around I find myself more relaxed as I've seen with Brooklyn how fast it will all change. His little fingers, toes, tiny baby feet, pudgy face, sleepy eyes will be no more just a matter of time and I'm not going to miss a thing. It's weird to think that this chapter of my life is now closed - going through pregnancy was truly memorable but I am almost certain I can say I'm glad it's over. :) I mean, I love the heartburn, puking, uncomfortable 24/7 feelings, but I pass the torch to the rest of you now.

For now I am focused on being a mama of two, my babies, my world.


Liz said...

Heather, he is so gorgeous. And it is much more apparent in this photo (as opposed to the ones from FB which I think were "hours old" pictures) how much he looks like B. "Looks like" is actually a misnomer. "100% cloned except for the under-diaper bits" is probably more accurate. That is just amazing to me...two babies, two genders, two years apart...identical faces.

He is really a cutie and your family is beautiful and perfectly balanced, which I am sure your downtrodden, sleep deprived type A self adores. : )

Welcome to life, Ty! Welcome to sisterhood, B!
Welcome to sublime chaos, Heather! (and Dom can welcome himself to whatever he likes; I'm fresh outta clever. Sorry, dude)

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Oh, he is beautiful! Really beautiful. I am in love with that picture! Congrats to you and your family!!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness what a little cutie!! He is so stinkin cute, my ovaries are aching!!! lol. Congrats momma. Welcome to the crazy world of madness with two little cuties.