Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One year!

Dear Brooklyn,

I started working on this letter to you awhile ago because I want it to be perfect. You know, because, You are perfect.

Today at 5:57 p.m. you are exactly 1 year old. Can you believe it? Me neither. Your very first birthday. I remember so many of your firsts, and luckily because I'm crazy, have 900 photos of them to reflect on.

You are the most beautiful daughter, with loving eyes and an independence I'm already proud of. In just one year you have accomplished so much. You are walking now, learning to communicate, eating the same food as mommy and daddy, building relationships with your school friends, touching your nose, building blocks, throwing little fits, loving to read, swim, dance, play with with puppies, climbing on our treadmill, going through my closet, cabinets, my purse, learning...and growing. Way to go girl, you are quite the accomplished one year old.

You have a sensitive side too, my favorite. You wake up sleepy and love to lay on my chest until you're ready to start your day. You see your blanket and you put your head on it immediately on daddy's shoulder. You give the best hugs, and open mouthed slobbery kisses. You seem to know when other people need a hug and almost always randomly give them one. You are strong, but soft. Stay that way for mommy, okay?

Daddy and I are so blessed to have you. We sit together and watch you constantly, commenting on how adorable you are or what kind of trouble you will give us when you're older. Your daddy still loves to sing to you, like he did from day 1, and he's still singing his made up version of Christmas songs. You love them, and almost always fall asleep to them. YOu still cover your head completely with your blanket, another thing you did from day 1. We were always waking up those first few weeks to check on you. Ah yes, those first few weeks and months. Mommy was blissfully happy, scared, and facscinated by you. I am still fascinated but you and I got our routine down now. You were so delicate, and were such a good newborn. You woke up a lot to eat those first couple of months but I didn't mind the mother/daughter time at 3:00 a.m. watching paid programming. You loved your swing, and eventually graduated to sitting in your bumbo chair, which was always placed on the kitchen counter so you could watch mommy cook. That little chair has been retired now, as you have obviously moved on to bigger and better things, like our treadmill and your singing table.

Just like your mommy and daddy, you love to travel. You were only six weeks old when you had your first road trip. We headed up to Abilene to see Uncle Richard play football. Thankfully, you slept the entire way there, and back. During the football game we bundled you all up in your pink polo jump suit and you lasted through the entire thing. Your Uncle Richard was so happy to meet you and you fell asleep on his big chest at the hotel room. When you were six months old we got your passport made and headed to Mexico. This is where you first discovered the swimming pool and had absolutely no fear for the water. Since then you've been back to the Texas beaches twice and love every minute of it. In June you took your first trip (well, technically 2nd because you were there when you were in my belly) to New York City. You rode in the airplanes, cabs, trains, on a bus, and the subway. You ate at our favorite Italion restaurant and made an awesome mess of spaghetti. You visited Central Park, Uncle Joe & Aunt Korine, Grandpa Johnny, ate in Chinatown and saw YOUR bridge. Don't worry, mommy has plenty of these pictures for you to see when you get older.

We look forward, and are grateful, for every memory yet to be made. You have given me absolute happiness and I love being your mama. Now if you could just work on saying 'Mama' for me I'd really appreciate it. You're great at saying ooooooooh, uh-oh, dada, and can almost immitate a rooster. But no 'mama' yet, I bet it's next.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, we love you angel.


Grand Pooba said...

My nephew does the same thing, as soon as he sees his blanket, his face goes right in and snuggles!

She is so cute, you are a lucky girl!

OceanDreams said...

Aww, happy birthday to your little one. What are you doing to celebrate? I bet she will love her gifts, you are such a sweet mom!

Connie Weiss said...

Happy Birthday!!

I went to NYC when I was pregnant too. I always tell my son I can't wait to take him back there someday!

Jessica and Michael said...

Happy Birthday :)

Aww...that made me tear up a little. So sweet!

Thank you for all of the sweet comments lately! I am loving every minute of it! Maybe we'll get a nighttime routine down soon. Haha

Carrie Burr said...

Happy Belated Bday, Brooklyn!! With all the September bdays I have a hard time keeping track of the exact dates so sorry we didn't call. See you at your party!!!

Life, Love And Lola said...

What a beautiful letter!