Monday, September 14, 2009

Perspective, one year later.

4 weeks after having a Brooklyn I posted about 10 lessons I had learned since she was born. A year later, I'd like to add some perspective to these observations:

1.) There is no such thing as 'quickly' changing a diaper. You must always have the changing pad and replacement diaper in hand, if you don't you will end up paying $37.41 to have your comforter dry cleaned.

One year later: Add bottle spills, sticky medicine, crumbs of food that were stuck to just live with a dirty comforter until you are having a people over at which point you eat the $ and get it cleaned, again.

2.) You can't avoid spit up so don't try. Even if you cover yourself in burp cloths it will ultimately find the one piece of exposed clothing and land there.

One year later: Spit up goes away pretty quickly and really never amounted to much. Baby food was much messier.

3.) Babies know when you are trying to do the quiet and delicate lay down in there crib. The will immediately wake up no matter how hard you had them to sleep. Just put them down, save yourself the humiliation.

One year later: She can scream her brains out until she falls asleep, it's nap time or bed time when I say so.

4.) Designate specific pockets in the diaper bag for things. Diaper bags come with 100 different pockets, if you just throw your stuff in there it will take hours to find where you put the butt paste or pacifier, and you don't have time for searching. Very important lesson learned.

One year later: Lesson never learned as I am constantly looking through everything to find whatever the hell it is I'm looking for. I've got pretty good organization skills so therefore I blame Coach, for a cute, but not very functional product. Which is why I am about to switch products and order one from, they sell diaper bags to nursery furniture. Review to follow to see if in fact it's the bag, or the mom.

5.) Don't sit near the front of any restaurant. Everyone that comes in the door wants to look at your baby and talk to you. This is nice sometimes but when you're trying to enjoy a nice dinner with your hubby this causes way too many interuptions.

One year later: Still true and a good lesson. Especially as they get older you purposely want that not so obvious table so when they are hurling food at you or the floor it's not as embarassing.

6.) Don't bother putting socks on a baby, they always fall off and you end up with one of every pair.

One year later: True. And true for shoes too.

7.) Just take the photo.

One year later: TRUE. And my poor child endured some grueling photo shoots with me as the photographer. Like these,

8.) DVR things throughout the day so you have something to watch when you're up at 3:30 a.m. Paid programming gets old.

One year later: True, but thankfully paid programming isn't necessary by about month 4 I know, lucky me.

9.) You will always be late not matter how hard you try, so tell folks you'll be there 30 minutes after everyone else.

One year later: Nah, you get the routine down and it's definitely far less overwhelming to get anywhere. You get so good at packing up that you can even include the high chair, pack-n-play, leap frog sing along table, etc...with time to kill.

10.) You can blow dry your hair, put on make up, change clothes, make spaghetti, do dishes, laundry, and write your blog with just one hand.

One year later: TRUE and TRUE, because well, Mom's rule.

One year later I've got whole new list now, polishing it up then going to share. This one involves things like which brand of vodka gives you the quickest buzz, how to cope with family no longer paying attention to you, and shaking off the temper tantrum/full body scream of terror mid-grocery shop.


Carrie Burr said...

Looking quite forward to the new list as it has some advice that will work for my life. Vodka!! Oh hell yeah. C

JennyMac said...

She could NOT be cuter and I love love love her name.

Great year gives a bit different perspective. Our son is 2.5 and we are still learning this..

Connie Weiss said...

I need the name of that vodka....

Loved the comparison!

jennster said...

LOL- this is awesome!! just wait until she's like a REAL person who talks back and stuff! lol