Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It starts tomorrow and OMG am I ready. Why is it that right before you are scheduled to take off for your much needed downtime shit hits the fan? I think it's so you really appreciate the beach, sun, and mexican waiter that is constantly asking if you want another drink. "Yes please, keep them coming."

So starting last week Dom and I have just had the strangest things happening. Nothing that serious, more like a 'yapping dog biting at your ankles' annoying type of stuff. Let's see, the disposal clogged up and broke, a cabinet door broke off in the kitchen, Dom went to wash his face at his sink and a handle broke off. My brother, who we are taking to Playa with us, had to have surgery on his shoulder last Friday. Brooklyn's sitter called on Wednesday of last week and said two of the kids she watches came down with hand, foot, mouth disease. We fired said sitter yesterday morning for other reasons, requiring us to find a new daycare before we leave for vacation. Also requiring that I work from home the two days before vacation which is just crazy with the amount of shit I have to do. I have two fever blisters - gross. We had this crazy influx of bees attack our house over the weekend. There was a clump of them in the corner of our 2nd story by the window and I swear it was the size of a beach ball. F***ing bees everywhere. It's just never ending! Just kick me in the face and get it over with.

Okay so nothing that bad right? Just annoying little shit that gets in the way when I want to be sitting and relaxing, dreaming about paradise right around the corner. This vacation can't come quick enough - I hope to God we all make it on the plane.

I'm going to make sure I have two umbrella's in my pina colada.

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