Friday, March 20, 2009


So I've already identified an area that could pose some serious conflict into my relationship, and that is the level at which we purchase things for our daughter. I'm guilty, yes, of wanting her to have lots of fun toys but Dom feels like with each toy we turn down we have taken something from her, denied her. Puh-lease. She's fine, "she has toys" I say. Now clothes and/or shoes....different story.

If I let him out on his own he will most definitely come home with something for her, the latest are a set of blocks from the Learning Express. I'm like "blocks? really?". Now I know every kid plays with a set of blocks at some point in their lives but at 6 months - what the hell is she going to do with these?

Let's see - she chews them, throws them, knocks them down, stares at them, LOVES them. These blocks even traveled via Continental airlines to Mexico and provided high valued entertainment most days. They have now landed in the bathtub. Something else that's amazing - we still have all six. So because I'm feeling very relaxed today I am going to go on record and admit defeat.
One day she'll appreciate her cute shoes...

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KQ said...

Listen, there is nothing wrong with admiting you are wrong. BUT NEVER ON PAPER!

p.s. Gracie LOVES blocks too. ;-)