Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Evening routines usually go something like this - get home from work, say hi to Brooklyn and Dom, change clothes, feed B, workout (an attempt, at least), start dinner, Dom bathes B, eat, feed B again, start watching our shows, pause around 8:15 to read B a book and put her to bed, back downstairs to sit on couch, back upstairs cause she dropped her pacifier, back downstairs, fully relaxed by about 9:00. Squeeze in a few phone conversations here and there, possibly a few pages of a book, or a glass of wine with Dom and that's usually how most of our weeknights go.
Brooklyn tends to join me now when I start cooking dinner, before her bath. Last night I had her on the counter, turned my head for a few seconds and:

Note to self: Place bag of spinach away from bumbo chair. ;)


Courtney said...

She was hungry momma!! She is so precious, what a cutie!

HLH said...

Thanks Courtney! She is crazy these days. ;)