Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We've been robbed!

HH: Bath time for Brooklyn!
Dump toys in water

DG: Where are the rest of her toys?

HH: What do you mean, they're all there?

DG: No, they are not. The penguin is missing, one of the starfish, the whale...

HH: Oh, really? Well I'm sure they are around here somewhere.
Start tearing bathroom apart looking for missing toys

DG: Wait, the maids were here today weren't they? The MAIDS stole them! They took them, can you believe it? I can't believe someone would steal from a child, that's just crazy. You have to say something to them Heather, because this week baby toys, next week, your $100 bottle of Coco Chanel dissapears.

HH: Nobody better touch my Chanel!

DG: I'll say something to them, this is ridiculous. I wonder what else they took.

HH: Yeah, that is crazy and I just can't believe it.
Moment of reality and reflection
HH: Hey baby, wasn't Brooklyn playing with those toys on our bed yesterday morning?

DG: Umm...yes.
Walks over to bed and pulls back the sheets

DG: Oh wait! Here they are, they got folded into the sheets. Whew, all toys accounted for.

DG: Maids did a great job today, house looks nice.

How quick we are to judge eh? Dom and I both felt a sting of guilt after that conversation realizing that we were the idiots who misplaced her plastic bath toys - worth about $3.00 I might add. I think I'm going to buy them their own set of bath toys as I know Anna Maria has a daughter a few months younger than Brooklyn. Maybe a batch of cookies too? I need some sort of secret peace offering since I wrongly accused them of theft!! Everyone likes chocolate chip right?

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