Monday, April 6, 2009

No, seriously. What month is it?

Okay, wow. Time has been flying by lately and I'm not sure what that is all about. My little one will be 7 months old in two days. 7 months! I can't keep up with all of her changes and while I love them, I already miss the helpless baby stage.

It' s been hectic too, I suppose that's why time definitely isn't standing still. My first HIGH fever as a new mom, Brooklyn's temp hit 104.3 last Saturday and that definitely just sucked. It was scary to be bathing her at 1:00 a.m. because she was as red as a tomatoe, and shaking. All in all it was just an ear infection but it took about 5 days before she got back to herself.

Vball team won 1st place! Playing with my old teammates was so much fun and I plan to keep up with it. We proved that even though we are about 12 years older we can still bring it. Next season starts in June...

Went to visit Capt. Rick this weekend up at the lake. Richard came down with his new girl and a few friends, Stan was in town, so it was a full family affair. My New Yorker did alright out there on the dock with my dad and brother. Lots of smack talking back and forth and I think in the end Dom owes my dad lunch, but hey - he tried. The old man can out fish anyone.

Yeah so for those of you keeping up with us we're doing great, just really busy and slightly sleep deprived! :)

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