Thursday, January 8, 2009


So Dom is a huge UF fan (also Mets and Jets), for those of you that don't know. This entire season I have had to hear about the Gators, Tim Tebow is a God, blah blah blah. When they lost to Ole Miss I thought I was going to have to admit him for some psychiatric help. Men and their loyalty...

In the spirit of friendly smack talking here is a conversation (via text messaging) between him and my father (Stan):

Stan to me: A little advice, put a nipple on the whiskey bottle for Dom and make sure you burp him when Oklahoma goes up by 21 tonight.

Me to Stan: Haha, I will. I just read your text to him, you'll be hearing from him soon if I had to guess.

Dom to Stan: You can tell OU is scared shitless by all of their smack talk. Rent a movie so when Florida is up by 21 you have something to do. Oh, and some advice for you, kiss my ass.

Stan: I had to rent a movie when the Mets tried to make it, when the Jets tried, so I don't doubt I'll need one for the Gators. I'm thinking of a Yankee highlight reel as I looked for a Mets reel but they don't exist.

Dom: Hey, why haven't you mentioned how awesome UT played? I tell you why - because they sucked Bevo's balls. They sure showed everyone they belonged in the title game - NOT so much.

Stan: 1/2 the population thinks sucking balls is not a bad thing. Don't be a Florida puss and turn your phone off in the first quarter. Long live the Mets, Jets, and Gators.

Dom: You win old man.

So, in the spirit of the National title tonight, and because I'm a pain in the ass: GO SOONERS!

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