Friday, May 15, 2009

Milestone month

So May is turning out to be a serous milestone month for Brooklyn. She's crawling as mentioned in a previous post and has already picked up some speed, I think my favorite moment was when all of the sudden I look from our kitchen to the bedroom and her big eyes are peeking around the corner, staring, thinking about making a mad dash to the living room so she can get into our DVD's.

We've also had a couple of tantrums at bedtime. Who are you? What is this screaming and standing up in the crib (yet another milestone) as if you are in an orange jump suit behind bars, for life? She has, ehem, had a mobile but that was torn down in her fit of fury.

She eats baby food like I eat queso. We are up to 3 jars a day when only a month ago I wore most of it. We have also entered the world of cheese puffs, the baby version, some make it in the mouth and others the floor, but she loves them just the same.

I FOUND A TOOTH! A little white sliver of tooth shining through her gums. We are hoping this explains the thrashing tantrums in her crib.

Lastly, and I think the most memorable milestone of all - a hard turd. She gets all red faced and it's quite obvious now, no more pools of green to fear, little mini turds have arrived.

We're only on day 15 of this month, what's next?


Michelle D said...

Seriously, this is laugh out loud funny. I don't have a blog and I think some crazy things about my kids and now I find myself wishing I could tell someone! This is hilarious. You are clearly enjoying every moment... and milestone! Hard turds and all! rofl. Thanks for the laugh.

Courtney said...

Hylands teething tablets, I am sure you have heard, will be a good send for those evening tantrums. Ms. B is growing fast!! Love it!