Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday nights

I have volleyball on Thursday nights - most of the time I just go from work straight to the rec center. That's where I'm at now, waiting for my game to start at 9:00 p.m. This rec center is off of Loyola, which from Lakeway is close to 45 minutes away. I have a blast playing though so the drive, and the wait, are totally worth it. I posted awhile ago that I was starting this league and it's been amazing to reconnect with my old high school teammates and continue kicking butt, 10 years later. As of now we are 6-0 - Go team Old School! At this point we are playoff bound, watch out!

This rec center is a place of hope. It's located in an area that is, for lack of better words, economically challenged, but it's a beautiful place. After school kids are running everywhere, there is kids art all over the walls, and you can tell that the vision behind this place is to create a safe haven for kids to play, learn, and stay out of trouble. Because I usually have a couple hours to kill I can sit and do my favorite thing - people watch. They keep it extremely clean and up to date, pool tables, TV's, computer labs, basketball courts, and classrooms where different classes are going on all night. For some reason it just brings me peace in a time where it seems like peace doesn't exist. I sit with no real distraction and am able to just be. I do miss my little one and Dom, but it seems this time is carved out specifically for me to break from work, mom duties, and all the rest. Funny how we find our sanctuary in the most random of places. I encourage everyone to find one right now as the world around us seems crazier than ever.

Time to get changed for my game and stretch. If I don't stretch like 30 minutes before we play I'm bound to pull something, break something, etc...It's my own personal reminder that I'm old.

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