Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump day

Where does the time go - it's hump day and it seems like I was just contemplating our weekend plans! Friday night KQ and I joined the Spencers, Mike, and a few others for a pool party. Hey - pool parties on the EAST side is where it's at. One minor detail, we were at the pool no more than 15 minutes and the only rain cloud in the city managed to position itself right above our little get together and poured. We packed it up and headed back to the condo. We still managed to squeeze on the porch and drink some beers, burn a few heaters, and have great conversation. Don't worry - no beer or heaters for me.

Saturday Dom and I got up and we did decide to go to Houston, which was great! A road trip with him is easy, we talk a bit and then I make him listen to all my good CD's that he loves so much. ;) A little Pat Green on the road never hurt anyone, and he no longer denies it - he likes country music. Well, some of it. It was great to see Perri and Ryan, and their kiddos. Hats off to the two of them as keeping up with little Brody and Addison is a lot of work! Perri just looks at me and smiles as if to say, "you have no idea what you are in for, do you?" Brody is going to be two this July and once again - I can't believe how time is flying by!

Sunday we headed to my parents house and enjoyed a great day grilling with them, and looking at my mom's war wounds from when she fell through the garage ceiling on Friday. Yes, grandma Donna fell through the ceiling of the garage while looking for tea sets of mine for Brookyn's room. I'll leave it at that though, it's a sensitive subject for her (although the rest of the family got a bit of a laugh out of this once we knew she was okay ;). My poor father though, he'll be reminded of how he needs to clean out that damn attic everytime he, or she, goes into the garage.
So, here's to time flying and it being hump day today. Just remember, as I try to do, to make the most of time, it's precious.

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