Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Centipede's, Spaghetti, and Painting!

Yeah, three things that don't even make sense to remotely put in the same sentence. It's the title of my latest post though because these are the three things that I feel the need to share since I last updated this thing.

So, this morning I was leaving my house and asked Dom if he wanted me to take out the trash. (This is the subtle way of reminding him that it's Tuesday and he needs to take out the trash). Hey - I'm pregnant and I'll use that until the day this baby is born. Well, as I opened the garage and moved one of the boxes from Brooklyn's furniture delivery a GIANT centipede stared back at me from our driveway. This thing was prehistoric looking, I've only seen something like this one other time in my life. It had to have been a foot long, and it's legs were a inch long - ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew. Dom, in heroic fashion, came to my rescue and beat the shit out of this thing with a paint can. Must have hit it like 10 times. Sorry to all of you centipede lovers, but another one bites the dust. So since I've lived at my house I have seen two tarantula's, a snake, and now this. All outside but still! Anyone know a good exterminator?

Spaghetti: When pregnant, be aware of your stomach while cooking on the stove. I was making spaghetti last night and while browning the hamburger meat I burned my stomach on the pan. It is so big that I don't even know where I am relative to the stove, and now have a line across my belly. Niiiiice.

And now, to the fun part. This weekend Dom and I took on two projects - staining shelves and painting letters for B's room. For someone that has little artistic ability and can barely color between the lines, they turned out great. To my artsy friends - no comments please!!!



Me staining shelves - this was the exact location
of the GIANT centipede.

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