Friday, June 20, 2008

What to do?

So, weekend is right around the corner and my undecisive self can't figure out what we're doing. Options, head to H-town to see Perri & Ryan or stay in town and hit the lake on Sunday with some friends. Both arn't too shabby huh? It's just the gas prices are so high right now and we are trying to save up the cash for when B arrives. A quick road trip does sound good though, hit the road with good CD's and enjoy the scenic drive on 290 - that beautiful town of Brenham with the Budweiser plant and K-bob steak house. Oooohhhh, I think that's where the cafe/gas station/grocery store/town bar is too - or wait, that might be Giddings. Smells like a giant greasepit in there. No, Giddings has the crappy Sonic. If you want a good sonic drink before you hit the road you have to get one before you get out of town. Don't forgot to stop in Elgin and pick up some BBQ, and then hit the flea market on your way back into town. That flea market is fanceeeeeee. That's the 290 route, there is a whole new world of adventure if you take 71 to I-10. Oh, Houston - land of polluted skies, horrible traffic, obesity, and humidity. Sounds tempting! We'll see what we end up with - regardless, looking forward to just being off work for a couple of days.

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