Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mt. Everest

Voluntary weight gain is something that you get used to when pregnant, and you come to accept it. No worries, I'll just keep up with the exercise side of all this (I tell myself). I will say that I learned from my mother who walked up and down our stairs with Robert, and rode the stationary bike with Richard, that it does help things. That stationary bike, by the way, was louder than most cars today. But she stuck with it and it paid off. I'm attempting to do the same thing but as I put on the weight the exercise gets a little trickier. At most these days I walk, and just last weekend I started swimming laps. I did 10 and was exhausted! I haven't swam a lap in years, swimming with this belly made it all the more interesting. I'll keep that up though as it feels great in this 100+ record setting summer we are having. So, for the walks Dom and I tackle the streets in our neighborhood - and as of today I am down with an injury. We have a street that has a hill the size of Mt. Everest and me, being determined to keep my ass from tripling decide that I can take on this hill, 29 weeks pregnant, 2 days in a row. Hate to say use the expression but things just arn't like they used to be, on my 2nd attempt I seemed to have popped something in my knee which has resulted in me limping around the house, and work since yesterday. It's my surgery knee which is equivalent to an 80 yr. old's anyway, so I'm sure I did something. Pretty sad when your neighborhood hill is, in your mind, much like that of Mt. Everest. Seems like I should just stick to water sports for the remainder of the pregnancy!

Went to the Dr. today and she's doing great - everything is on track - 11 weeks to go!

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