Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Bump

So, last night Dom and I went to grab a sandwich for dinner. It was a nice night and we sat outside to relax and wind down from our crazy days. A cute, older couple was sitting at the table to the left of us and they looked at my workout tank top that read baby bump and both started commenting on how cute, and how nice of me to wear a shirt that called out I was pregnant rather than making people guess. The older gentleman said he had made that mistake twice in his life, asking when someone is due when they arn't pregnant! Dom can relate, he did that to a woman in an elevator in Manhatten, and had to ride 45 floors up with her. Now that's not awkward. This couple was so genuine towards us, and our little baby bump and I couldn't help but feel so grateful. We both had such busy days yesterday, and the day to day stresses had really caught up to us. It's amazing how life, in all it's fullness, can completely blind you from the things that are happening that matter most, and are priceless. I am thankful for this random couple as they slowed me down last night, made me pause and really cherish this time that he and I have together, watching my belly grow with little Brooklyn inside. I am 28 weeks today, and I have promised myself to stop and smell the roses a bit more.

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