Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Dads. A day to celebrate them seems appropriate, considering they put up with us their entire life, and our mothers too. My dad, what does he want on father's day? Peace and quiet. Hahaha, as if there is such a thing in the Havins household. I guess at the very least my mom knows she has to keep her household requests to a minimum, and me, well I know that I can squeeze in about a 5 minute phone conversation to tell him I love him and the rest of the day is his - to sit on the couch, watch whatever he wants, make a mess, and just relax. Knowing my father he flipped through channels that consisted of Nascar racing, golf, re-runs of Bonanza, or the Andy Griffith show. And he loved every minute of it. I sent my parents my blog URL and my dad, leave it to him to speak his mind, told me he just can't understand why I put my life out there for everyone to read. It's just a generation thing I tell him, I love you dearly dad but you are still trying to figure out how to work email. Grasping the blogging concept is way beyond you - but I am so proud that you are trying! Regardless, as I promised you, you would be the honorary guest today in my blog. Making your debut as granpda Stan, painting the baby's nursery. Here's to you dad - and to keeping up with mom and I, and the boys, all these years. We love you!

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