Friday, June 19, 2009

Me, Myself, & I

(Everything with B's tubes went great - super fast, easy, nothing to be scared about! Thanks for the well wishes!)

Remember long ago in Facebook land a trendy, yet annoying, little thing called 25 things was going around? Yeap, jumped on band wagon.

I'm making some new friends here in Blog land and I'm a little boring today so I thought I'd plagerize my own work and post it here. I must love myself.

Here goes it...

1.) My friends tell me I am a picky eater but I think they are crazy. I just don't like onions, or lettuce on sandwiches. I don't like pineapples, or oranges. I only like mayo and tomatoe on a cheeseburger and think blue cheese on anything is disgusting. That's not picky, just eating in good taste.

2.) I always seem to run low on wiper fluid in my car. It beeps at me to refill constantly. Maybe I am obsessed with clean windshields.

3.) I own over 50 pairs of shoes.

4.) At one point in my life I thought a spiral perm was hot.

5.) I always yell at Dom when he drives the car. Therefore, I drive almost all the time.

6.) When I was in 5th grade I choreographed a dance to "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul and sold tickets to my parents and neighborhood friends to come see my show.

7.) I'm too chicken to get up and do Kareoke but will sing LOUDLY to every song as others perform.

8.) I love to travel - so far on my list is Mexico, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt. I've been to many places in the US and can't get enough of NYC. Can't wait to get to back to Europe.

9.) I craved anything blueberry and diet root beer when I was pregnant.

10.) I think girl time is essential.

11.) I believe people should have good manners. Table manners especially. If you chew with your mouth open or smack loudly I will most definitely let you know it's rude and annoying.

12.) I was raised to be tough. I once took a softball to the mouth when I had braces. My dad looked at my mouth full of blood, carefully seperated inside of my mouth from bracket and told me to get back out on the field.

13.) I have grown up around hunting and fishing my whole life. I was 2 years old when I sat in my first deer stand. When my brothers are home there is almost always something dead in my parents backyard.

14.) I volunteered at Brackenridge Children's hospital for one summer while in college and will never forget that experience. One of the days I was there my only responsibility was to hold a newborn that had been abandoned. I was her form of human touch that day and for that I am forever grateful. I wish I could find her mother and punch her in the face, but then again, I'm sure it was a blessing.

15.) In college my roomate and I got a Sonic drink almost every day.

16.) Said roommate mentioned in #15 and I got a note on our door once that said "Shut the F*** up" for always talking so loudly on our cell phones on the back deck of our townhome.

17.) My first concert was Debbie Gibson, followed shortly after by New Kids on the Block.

18.) 2006 was a shitty year for me.

19.) My brothers and I are very close. That's not to say I've completely forgiven them when they threw a screwdriver at me or put dead bugs outside my door.

20.) I love a fire in the fireplace.

21.) I think floating the river with good friends, cold beer, and hot sun is the best "day" vacation.

22.) You must have a good sense of humor to be my friend. People that are too serious bore me.

23.) I love Broadway plays. When in NYC we almost always pick one night to get dressed up, go to a nice dinner, and a play. The absolute perfect date.

24.) September 8, 2008 I became a mom. I have made a vow to myself to raise my daughter with manners, to teach her to respect her elders, to work hard for what she wants, to appreciate things, to have perspective, do everything in moderation, and to pursue her happiness. I promise I will try not to contribute to the pool of next generations that think MTV news is news.

25.) I am happy.

25 things about you? Do share...


Kelly said...

#24 is my favorite!

hmmm... my 25 things? I need to think about that.

Courtney said...

I didn't really have anything to write about today so I posted the 25 things in my blog. Love it, #12 made me cringe!

OceanDreams said...

I love that you ended it with you are happy, and that is too funny about the windshield wipers! That is awesome that you have traveled to so many'll have to keep that up and I bet you are a wonderful mom. ;)