Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My beach baby.

We went to the beach last weekend with friends. I sort of had one of those come full circle moments as I was with my girlfriend and her family. Same girlfriend that I was at the beach with in college, big decision of the day was determing exactly what time we would pop that first Corona. This time, families in tow, I was so excited to take Brooklyn as this was something I did every summer as a kiddo and loved it. Note: ignore the brownish blue water and semi-sand, we live in Texas and this is what we get. Deal.

She loved it, every minute of it, and even though she was the runt of the group she held her own. See all those white specs of shells in the sand? Those might as well have been crackers because each and every one she could get her tiny little fingers on she tried to eat. Sharp edge, dirty, way to go mom of the year.

Where the water hit the sand, however, we were good to go. Splash, splash more, kick at the waves breaking on her little feet. A whole new world.

At one point we had her in her 'boat' in the water. Sharks, jellyfish potentially feet away - another mom of the year moment, but again, I remember playing in the water for hours, and I cherish those moments.
We plan on going again at the end of the summer, although I may leave her with grandma as this is much more rowdy crowd. Circa 1998 type of crowd referenced above. The type where I could potentially drink so much that I myself will start thinking the shells are crackers.

Yay summertime.


OceanDreams said...

Hi! Happy Friday and thanks for stopping back over at my blog! Yay for having men a little bit older than ourselves, it is the best. ;) Your little one is so precious. I love the picture where she is stairing out at the waves. I agree, yay summertime! I hope you enjoy every minute of it. :)

Life, Love And Lola said...