Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ever since Brooklyn started going to her school she has been getting ear infections. One, after the other, after the other. I think in the last 5 months she's had at least 6. The very first one she got she ran a fever of about 104, Dom and I had her in the tub at 2:00 a.m. trying to cool her down. I hated it.

I hate giving her medicine. Can't they come up with something other than a plastic dropper I have to shove in her mouth, holding her head still, arms down while she lashes back and forth, crying. Ugh, it sucks. Dom is a wimp too (honey if you are reading this you know you are!) so I almost always am the bad guy and give her the meds. It's what we women do. I've been a good mama too, finishing the antibiotics down to the last drop. If I'm ever sick I'm terrible about doing that, I just take them until I feel better then get lazy.

Her last ear infection was last Sunday, driving home from the beach we looked at her eyes and just knew she's getting sick. Keep in mind she had only been off antibiotics since the Thursday before. We didn't even come home first, we just pulled into an after hours clinic and waited for 2 hours. This visit she got a shot in the leg and an amped up antibiotic that was only a 5 day treatment. That shot was the worst ever. Again, Dom left the room for that and I stood there over her. Seriously, men. Now we know why women were chosen to carry the child and BIRTH them.

We had already set up an appointment with an ENT prior to her last infection. We met him yesterday and he looked at her for about 2 minutes and said, yeah, tubes. She gets them put in tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.

While I know this is a minor procedure my baby still has to go under for a bit. Scares the shit out of me, and I'm allowed to be since it's my first time. It's supposed to be short and sweet so let's hope so. The outcome of this is most important, my smiling baby will be smiling even more. Wish us luck!


OceanDreams said...

Aww, I will be keeping your sweet baby in my thoughts. So sorry she has had to go through that! You should definitely do the tag Show Me Your Heart and snag the award - I'm officially giving it to you now! I would love to read what you put if you want. Lol. Your blog is so fun and you are so genuine.

Thanks for the wishes on sailing - can't wait.

Hope everything goes well tomorrow morn!

The Holmes said...

We just had tubes put in Simon's ears. It was a bit scary going in, but it turned out to be quick and easy, and afterwards he acted like nothing happened. Hope everything goes great for y'all as well.

Kelly said...

I think it's harder on the Mommy than anyone else. My nephew had to have tubes when he was little and it was no big deal for him (the rest of us were nervous wrecks). He's perfect now.

I'm sending you happy thoughts!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Hope all went well.

Shaylen Maxwell said...

Aww, poor Brooklyn. And adorable name! I have a friend whose baby just had a similar procedure done (like two days ago, in fact!) She's doing well now. I hope Brooklyn feels better soon!