Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Splish Splash

Ah yes, bath time. She loves it. Funny, mom hasn't taken a nice hot bath since about my 2nd trimester which was this time last year. So yeah, no soaking tub in about a year. Wah. :) Now that she sits up a new world has arrived. Rubber toys in various forms of fish, stars, ducks, etc...oh, and a recent addition of a tug boat. Splashing is the best thing ever and either Dom or myself are pretty much soaked by the time we wrap her in a towel. My friend Allison just referenced a bathing experience with her own kiddos that went something like this "just doing a little bath tub turd fishing." Wow. Can't wait for that one. Here are a few photos I snapped this last week, had to do a little styling to create the moment:

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