Friday, April 17, 2009


Can someone please tell me their secret to getting their child to eat baby food? I am having no luck, an occasional bite or two but for the most part just head turning and spitting. I'm at the point where I am considering buying a plastic tarp, poke two holes so I can see, to wear when we go through this fiasco.

You should have seen me. She knows she is doing this too, little shit. TGIF everyone!


Juanita said...

Have a jar of the veggies and a jar of the fruits out. Dip the spoon in the veggies then dip it into the fruit so it gets a coating of fruit over the yucky stuff. Then when you feed it to her she will taste the sweet fruit part and like it better. You might want to give her a spoonful of the fruit first so she gets a taste then she will thins that is what she will be getting and not fight you so much. This is what we did at the daycare and with Anthony and worked well.

HLH said...

Thanks Juanita! I will try it. She is making progress, slowly but surely. :) Thank goodness the gooey stuff is only temporary.