Friday, April 24, 2009

In Honor.

So I admittedly have become more of an online reader than I ever anticipated via the blog world. I suppose there is just so much to see, hear, reflect on, relate to, or disagree with.

One of the most entertaining blogs I read often had a post that caught my attention last week. It was then that I learned of a beautiful little girl, Maddie, that lost her life on April 7th. I know NOTHING of these people, have no real connection, but have been touched, inspired, and am forever grateful for her life.

I started to follow her mothers blog, and can't stop visiting it every day to see how she is doing. The post that I first stumbled on I could hardly read through it as I was sobbing by the time I got done. I suppose I feel a connection because I have a little baby girl that has changed my life completely, but anyone really, will forever be moved. It's something about this childs bright, beautiful face that makes this tragedy all the more real. It puts a lump in my throat and a twinge in my heart when I read more about her. Her father writes as well, and his posts are all the more painful to read.

It has been inspiring to see the outpour of love and support to this family from an online community that knows nothing really about each other. I guess it also justifies my obsession, knowing that I'm not the only one so closely following along hoping their pain eases day by day. Their family was very involved in the March of Dimes, as Maddie was born premature. Because of this story, and because I have a beautiful, healthy baby I have committed to doing the March for Babies here in Austin on May 9th. I won't reach out to her family and contact them, as if I can even begin to share their grief. But I can do my part in paying tribute to little Maddie Moo, and all the other parents out there that are fighting their fight.

If you want to join me, or donate, just click on the March for Babies banner on the right.

Rest in peace little one, may God be with you always.

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