Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where's Lee?

Lee Greenwood that is. We needed him on the 4th of July during the finale of the fireworks but he never showed. We had KVET blaring from our garage thinking surely we would hear the famous song, "And I'm proud to be an American...", but as the fireworks wrapped up we just took it upon ourselves to close the show properly. Great time had by all on Friday, speaking as the only sober one in the house, besides Gracie, I can vouch, and remind all others that were there that it was a good time. Apologies to my neighbors for the conversations taking place on the back deck that involved all guys, including Steven Hand, Mark Spencer, and my brother. There is a reason the rest of us were sitting out front. Sorry to the car that Steve threw the beer bottle at. Sorry for the loud screaming of "blue","green", "red" but per Mark Spencer we thought a good way to create sound for the fireworks was to scream out their color. They were a distance away over the lake and the loud boom didn't accompany, so we made our own noise. 4th of July weekend was awesome.

Back to the daily grind this week with nothing fun or exciting to report on. I'm sure all of you watched the Bachelorette finale Monday night - can you believe she picked Jesse!!? I was excited, the other dude was a huge dork and ran like a girl. Nice guy, but she'd run all over him.

Went shopping with grandma and mom (soon to be grandma) and got Brooklyn's stroller. I will honestly say that a wave of inadequacy hit me as I attempted, many times to unhook the car seat from it's base, on to the stroller, and off again. Folding the stroller was no easy task either. If Brooklyn had been in them she would have gotten motion sickness from the jerking. I'll need to practice! It's amazing how the simplest tasks can scare you into your parenting reality. :)

Approaching 32 weeks tomorrow, counting down!

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