Friday, February 12, 2010

Maternity melt downs.

I'm going to come across as quite the hypocrite in this next post but I'm emotional and pregnant, so it's allowed. Or something.

I'm a hypocrite because when writing about Lena I emphasized what is important to focus on, how to be balanced, cherish the days, etc...and while I do truly mean ALL of it, I am still human. And female. And pregnant. Have I mentioned that yet? ;)

I'm almost 22 weeks along which means I'm for real showing now. I no longer get the "wow, Heather's put on some weight in the belly looks" because it's starting to look like a basketball shoved under my shirt. Not a full sized basketball yet, but getting there. I've slowly given each of my regular pants their 'last wear' (queue TAPS to play in your head), and hung them in the back of my closet. I've busted out the few pieces of clothing I still have from being pregnant with Brooklyn, and here we are.

Except I was showing with her starting about April/May timeframe, i.e., it was hot out. Totally different set of clothing needed for days like today where it's 37 degrees outside.

I had a melt down in my closet twice this week. MELT.DOWN. Probably changed clothes at least 4 times each morning, throwing the majority of them back on the ground, settled on something, left my house giving no response to "bye honey, love you." My poor husband. Not once I did this to him, but twice.

I am hitting that phase where I no longer fit into anything the right way and I needed to fully embrace my need for maternity clothes. Best way to solve that problem: suck it up, go to the mall, suck it up some more and go into Mimi Motherhood or whatever the hell it's called, and buy something.

Nevermind that half of the shirts have the pattern of your grandmother's table cloth with a string under your boobs to accentuate your ever growing belly. As if you really WANT to look MORE pregnant. And what's up with the small dressing rooms? Has anyone else noticed this? In case the owners of those stores forgot, we're PREGNANT. Give us some freakin room.

Then there is the "how much do I spend" conflict. Depending on what I'm buying I usually don't think too much about the price, as long as it's reasonable - but maternity clothes, they get you. You're trapped, you're the sucker, and next thing you know cha-ching, they hand you your receipt for all the clothes you just bought that you just wear for the next 4-5 months. "Oh really? You think I look great in this over sized trash bag looking blouse? Really? Oh okay, sure, I'll take it!

So what if this is my vanity getting the best of me. For me, I still feel the need to be slightly tasteful in my preggo attire and sorry if I don't want to look like I stepped out of the Duggar family trailer. I mean - love their denim and plaid, really do, but not for me.

For the love of baby jesus, and all babies for that matter, can someone please design cute, afforable, (I shouldn't even say it - gasp!) stylish maternity clothing!?

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The Redhead Riter said...

I know how you feel. I remember going for the first time and sitting in the dressing room with my mother and know, pregnant and emotional go hand in hand. I kept saying, "I can't look that ugly! I can't wear those clothes!" The patterns were worse than sick. This was 17 years ago and there was only ONE place to buy maternity clothes and I promise, they were past UGLY. LOL Don't worry. Your glowing happy pregnant face will overcome any ugly clothes. Besides, if someone doesn't like the way you look, they can go look elsewhere because you are BEAUTIFUL!!!

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