Monday, January 11, 2010

Random, like my brain:

*The Bachelor is back on and even though they are featuring one of the top douchebag contenders, I'm in. If he can stop the fake "chuckle" he might grow on me.

*My daughter is 16 months old as of 3 days ago, what.the.hell. Time is flying.

*I spent my Sunday in the hospital because I barfed way too much for any one person. It got to be ridiculous, I was basically laying on the bathroom floor. I just had to go to the hospital to get a couple IV bags of fluid and tests. All is well but I'm totally annoyed I wasted my whole Sunday head in the toilet then in a cold, stale hospital room. I will remind the wee one of this when he/she is born.

*My one and only New Year's resolution is to read more. So far I've done a crappy job but I've signed myself up for 10 books this year. Doesn't sound like much but throw the rest of life in the way and it is. Anyone have suggestions on good reading material?

*I have not ventured back into the kitchen to tackle any more La Cucina recipes. An update for those of you that read my veal disaster, I did make the cannelloni and it turned out edible, but not like your Italian grandmother. I was planning to this last Sunday but then barf-fest 2010 got in the way.

*I'm still in regular jeans but my buttons are about to pop. I'm refusing maternity clothes as long as possible.

*I hate DirectTV. You can't record two shows at once unless they come out and install additional bullshit for $180.00. This wouldn't be a problem if all my favorite shows didn't come on around the same times on different channels. Oh, and I also have a small child. Small child translates to no couch time until after 8 p.m. when she's asleep so ability to record is CRITICAL.

*It was 11 degrees at my house on Saturday morning. I live in Austin people - this shit doesn't happen here. Arctic blast froze our pipes but luckily nothing busted. I couldn't shower though on Saturday until after my lunch date with friend Angie. Thank goodness close friends don't care about appearances.

*I need to clean my house.

*I need to change my blog template out again as Santa is back at the North Pole. Add it to the list.


Grand Pooba said...

Well, I wasn't going to say anything about your out of date santa blog but dude, I've been wonderin when it was gonna come down.

Do you still have your guts or did you throw those up too? Ugh!

When you're done with your house you can come clean mine okay? Okay. Thanks.

OceanDreams said...

So sorry that you got so sick - hope you are feeling better now!

Your little one is getting a bit older, time flies huh?

Would love to see a new layout even though the one you have right now is great!