Friday, January 15, 2010

All about B.

Even though this was technically Brooklyn's 2nd Christmas, it was a first for us on many levels. Given that she was just about 3 1/2 months old last year we really didn't do much in the way of gifts, etc...This year, however, it was all about B.

She looks deceptively innocent in her Christmas dress. Please, don't let her fool you. Here is a special project she worked on during the Christmas break. It was called Operation destroy the kitchen.

Having a little one allows you to watch all the cheesy cartoons (although we did when she wasn't here too), decorate more, make christmas cookies, put up more lights, go look at lights, buy more gifts, and just love on the idea that her little imagination is about to embark on years to come of Santa and the North Pole, reindeer landing on the roof, her daddy reading Twas the Night before Christmas, and me, teaching her lines from classics, like Christmas vacation.

We spent Christmas Eve at my mom & dad's house, as I have every December 24th of my entire life. I don't know if next year we can swing that having her and a little baby in tow but whether it be at their house or ours I'm sure we'll spend it together.

We opened gifts.

We played in new castles.

We read new books.

We made breakfast with Grandpa:

We had a wonderful Christmas.


Nicole Marie said...

christmas is so much more fun with little ones around. seeing my little brother playing with the wrapping paper and getting excited for his toy truck was so fun!

Kristin said...

I had NO idea how much fun Christmas was going to be. It was the dude's second this year also. And to see him squeal with delight over his toys was the best moment ever!!

Gals - Very Smart Gals said...


Love your stories, and that is the most precious photo of your daughter - and I truly understand the "deceptively" comment! I have 5 grandchildren. Children make Christmas don't they! Keep up the great work of being a fun, funny, insightful writer....


OceanDreams said...

What great family pictures of Christmas and it looks like your little one had fun in the kitchen - soon you'll have another fun Christmas in the year to come with a new little one!

Synergy Girl said...

Love the reminds me of an incident JUST YESTERDAY involving my 22 month old boy...He got into the kitty litter...and threw it (not sprinkled mind you) all over the kitchen floor, living room floor, bathroom, couch..."chunks" and all...UGH!!! I had put a movie on and let the kids know I would be folding do you NOT NOTICE your brother throwing cat crap!! UGH...I did what I could but being pregnant...couldn't get to close...just SO GLAD my husband owns a carpet cleaning biz...otherwise...I mighta died...!!!