Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Okay, so I'm not perfect.

It was my turn to pick up B yesterday from school. We love where she goes, her teachers, the facility, she comes home every week and it seems she has learned something new.

I walked into her classroom last night and her teacher was sitting there with the other kiddos, but no Brooklyn. She let me know one of the other teachers had gone home early so B was up front with Kathie (the owner) in her office to make sure the kid/teacher ratio was in tact. So, I head her way and notice that Kathie has two parents, two other kiddos, and Brooklyn all in her office. I opened the door to interupt and Brooklyn comes running towards me 'Mama, mama, mama' and she is showing me something in her hand. I look closely and she has two thumbtacks so proudly displayed in her palm. I calmly grab them from her and hand them to Kathie and give her a WTF look. You could tell she was mortified, the other parents didn't even look up and I walked out without really saying anything.

Fast forward to conversation at home with the hubster:

D: How was B's day?
H: Good, she was in Kathie's office when I went to get her, one of her teachers had to leave early.
H: When I got her...she...uh...had two thumbtacks in her hand.
D: What the f***? She had what? She could have swallowed those, what the hell are they thinking. We pay them too much money for that shit to happen...
H: And she was in a parent meeting.
H: And there were two other kids in there.
D: WHAT THE HELL. That's it, I'm saying something first thing in the morning. That's bullshit.
H: It was an honest mistake....
D: Bullshit. Unacceptable.

While I know my husband is right, for some reason last night I just didn't say anything. I walked out, she was okay, not hurt, and I do sometimes understand that these things happen. I'm all about protecting my child but I suppose I'm more forgiving when I know the situation is already diffused. But, he's right. It's unacceptable.

First thing this morning he dropped her off, went straight into Kathie's office and let her know we felt and it will never happen again. She apologized and ensured Dom that we won't ever need to worry, she was very sorry, etc...everything you'd expect to hear. I genuinely believe her, so does Dom, and everything is on track and back to normal.

I am glad my husband is the way he is. He never hesitatates to say something, in any situation, and he's very good about getting things taken care of. I sort of regret not saying something now that I look back but appreciate my the hubs picking up my slack.

Been there before or are you PERFECT? :)


Courtney said...

I am just perfect! HA!

OceanDreams said...

I definitely have been there and I can totally see my Big Kiddo doing this for me if I ever get in a bind. You did the best you could and glad she is okay!

--Heather-- said...

I would have lost it!! I can't believe she was playing and not being watched more closely... oh wow, you are a better person than I... I flip out first, then feel bad. But if you talk to my hubby, tell him... I'm perfect!