Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios 2009...!

2009 was an alright year. Admittedly I'm ready for 2010. It seemed like 2009 was just kind of depressing or something. Not as much for me on a personal level but in general it just seemed like sad things happened. People died, got sick, suffered...and I realize that is just like any year but in my eyes it seemed to happen closer to me. A wonderful person lost a husband, a mom and dad a child, a best friend a grandmother. Losing my baby cousin is still so fresh to all of us. My Aunt and Uncle were in Mexico on a beach this Christmas, deservedly so, trying to forget that the holiday season was upon us. I try not to focus on the past, and the things that we cannot change, but I do have to reflect on the heavy heart that I carried for several people this year.

I am blessed too, and that is something NOT to be overlooked! My beautiful, healthy child is getting bigger, smarter, and full of more attitude every day. My husband is amazing and we are continuing working together daily to make our lives better for each other. I love my family, everyone is safe and sound in their own places in life and I love each of them so so much. Friends are amazing and I could never make it without them. I got an awesome job in a shitty economy. We have a child on the way, what more could one girl ask for? I mean, really. Blessed beyond measure.

It's important to keep it all in perspective, weigh the good with the bad, and promise yourself to cherish it. I'm looking forward to tonight, surrounding myself with best friends and good food, closing the last page of the year. We'll toast the good, and we might even flip off the bad.

Bienvenidos 2010!!!

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OceanDreams said...

Happy New Year Heather and congrats again on your soon to be baby! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with your baby girl and hubby tonight.