Thursday, October 15, 2009


I love shoes. I do. I mean I LOVE SHOES like I could marry them type of love. You can have on any outfit, put on the right pair of heels, flip flops, boots, wedge, sandal, and ta-da, you are FABULOUS.

I also firmly believe they set a tone. If you walk into a room with a rockin' pair of heels on people notice them and it says confidence. If you have on a wedge that is classy, but soft, you look sophisticated yet relaxed. Flip flop - lazy, fun, carefree, and ready to drink some beer. Boots mean the seasons are changing and it's time for some comfy sweaters and fantastic accessories. Shoes are awesome people, AWESOME.

That's why I owe 65+ pairs. Some of you may gasp because you think what the hell, that is too many and others may gasp and think oh my god that poor girl has no shoes. Whatever side you are on, just know that I know you have your own vices, mkay?

Insert life change - I had a daughter.

What does this mean? MORE SHOES!!! Her very first pair were a little ballerina slip-on that were leopard print with a tiny pink bow. Let's see, as a newborn she wore them NEVER. Because no one told me as a new mom that those things would not stay on unless you superglued them to their tiny little feet. They are proudly on display in her room though. Next in line is pair of pink cowboy boots that I bought while pregnant that she can't wear until she's about 2 - whatever, minor detail. She got a pair of black patent dress shoes for her first Christmas pictures. When I put them on with her dress they just didn't work so she went barefoot and those were worn NEVER. Over the summertime I bought her flip flops with a strap on the back. Worn NEVER because she was too fascinated with the piece that went between her toes, apparently she couldn't walk. What is the damn deal? When is my daughter going to learn that being stylish isn't always easy. GAWH!

Okay Brooklyn grandma - let's go for functional. I broke down and bought several pairs of Robeez, which while definitely functional they are not so cute. I mean, unless her boot cut jeans cover half of them up. But, they worked, she walked in shoes, and we're all good.

She's had those for several weeks and I decided last night with her upcoming fall festival, trip to see her Uncle this weekend, and the holidays around the corner we need to graduate back into fashionista. I bought her two pairs of boots and some fun sneakers for schools. The boots fa-reak-ing rock.

I put the black pair on her this morning with some leggings and I swear she stood there frozen, then picked up each leg as if I had tied a concrete block to the bottom of her foot. FINE! Robeez it is but when we get home the boots are back on for practice.

Judging me yet, I thought so. ;)

Trust me, I want what's best for my daughter, I really do. And what's best, is good taste in shoes. There is hope, though, as she loves my closet and tries to put mine on all the time. Except we really have to work on that look. She looks like she wants to choke somebody.

Sigh, baby steps.


OceanDreams said...

Ha ha that picture of her is too funny, I am sure she will warm up to her new boots and shoes in no time. You on the other hand, have so many shoes! I want to know how you store them because I have a lot of shoes but many of them get neglected because they get put into shoe piles. Oh my gosh again that picture is hilarious!

New Moms said...

haha, you made me laugh! those new boots are too cute! i agree... robeez aren't the cutest but they seem to be functional. let me know if you find anything new.

New Moms said...

sorry, this is steph. some of my friends and i are starting a new blog and i forgot i was logged into this one instead!

Tracy-Girl said...

That picture of her is adorable. I agree with you about the confidence thing and shoes! I love shoes too... I don't have a ton of pairs... but i have two pairs of shoes that I spent a lot of time saving money for ;) I hope i have a little girl someday to spoil with shoes :)

Courtney said...

I LOVE shoes too!! Although I don't have that many I feel your pain about trying to get them to wear cute shoes. I am sure if I had a girl it would be even worse!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, I never thought that it'd be a problem to dress your child how you want! They can't dress themselves so their stuck right? Guess not. Those boots are so adorable I think you are right, she just needs practice.

No judging here! What is there to judge? Fashion before comfort is the law!

Nicole Marie said...

so cute! my daughters will definitely have lots of shoes. its a necessity.

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhhh, SO adorable. I NEED a little girl. Sigh. The dude does not share my love of shoes. Ah ha

Connie Weiss said...

LOL! Love that picture! It's so buy all of these adorable shoes and they don't wear them.

I currently have a pair of sparkly, sliver shoes that my daughter refuses to wear. If only they were MY size!

OceanDreams said...

Hi Heather it is me again, just wanted to say hi and if you get a chance you'll have to drop by and enter into my giveaway. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)

Life, Love And Lola said...

Wat to get her started early!!! One can NEVER have too many pair of shoes!!!

P.S. Bet your not wearing a wig either...LOL!

Life, Love And Lola said...

OOPS...Hate when I do that...I meant WAY!