Friday, October 23, 2009

Less space, less things, more life.

My hubs was traveling this week for work, so what does that mean to me - time to catch up on some Oprah after mom duties cease. Or, Umpa Humphrey as my dear friend calls her. No idea where he got that but it sticks, doesn't it?

One of her shows this week profiled the happiest people in the world and my conclusion after watching is that we're moving to Denmark. To be specific, Copenhagen.

There is a huge emphasis on family, but not from the outside looking in, rather the inside looking out. No one seems to be 'keeping up with the Joneses' as we often say here in the states. They choose a more simplistic approach and genuinely focus on the relationships rather than status. They are modern people with nice things, just not in excess.

Less space, less things, more life.

They are extremely environmentally conscious, 1/3 of the population rides their bike around the city, often times with fresh groceries for the evening in tow. Homelessness, poverty, and unemployment are also rare - if you lose your job the government pays 90% of your salary for four years! Say wah? Oh, and healthcare is free. Oh, and you get paid to go to University when you graduate high school and tuition is free. As if that's not enough they take special interest in mama's and their babies. Women typically get 6 to 12 months of PAID maternity leave! Here it seems we fight for 6 to maybe 12 weeks. On the flip side of that they don't put too much emphasis on getting married/having babies - everyone following a certain mold. They encourage people to be whatever they want, no need to label just be happy. One woman said they leave their babies in carriages outside of cafes when they sleep, it's completely safe. She'd never heard of anyone harming a child. No such thing as sex offenders, in fact, she looked at Oprah like she was crazy for asking. Seems hard to believe considering you can run a search within 5 miles of any zip code here in the states and up pops a long list of crazies.

Lastly, and possibly the most important note, they apparently have this bread - RugbrØd that is to die for. Oprah says so at least, and if she says it, BELIEVE IT.

The place fascinated me and I think somehow worked it's magic as I was in a great mood after watching. Now, I realize this is a 'show' but I'm sold. Don't know about you but it sounds like they are doing something right. I'm adding this to my list of places I must visit, oh, and I sent hubby a text to find a job there. :)

Wanna go?


Tracy-Girl said...

I love the family lifestyle and the fact that it is such a beautiful place!

The Holmes said...

Dude, Ash and I have had this very conversation. It seems like an awesome place. I'm sure they've got their problems like anywhere else, but their priorities seem really in line with what we believe in.

And I figured out that it had to be Mike that gave Oprah that name, so I asked him, sure enough I was right. He said his granny called her that.

jennster said...

i totally want to go!!!!!! man, it sounds almost too good to be true. we are SO fucked up here in the states

OceanDreams said...

It sounds like a great place and how nice that family has such a strong emphasis there. Looks amazing from the pictures too!

Nicole Marie said...

i do i do! i watched a show about it too and how a lot of side walk stores are on the honorary system and you just leave the money you owe

Kristin said...

The pictures I saw from their fashion week were amazing, although that is a bit off topic from the simplistic lifestyle. Ah ha. But yes, I would like to visit there!

Alex said...

YES! So beautiful. Damn, another city to add to the list!

Grand Pooba said...

um, yeah I wanna go!