Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back to life, back to reality...

Sigh, vacation.

Over. Done. Back to reality.

BUT, it was wonderful. Romantic, beautiful, fun, and the type that when you are packing that last day you are sad. Not ready to go home.

We spent a few days out on the Island and visited Dom's family. Went to see the Mets play at the new field, and you wouldn't believe it - but, they WON. Awesome. And we ate yummy ribs and Brooklyn had ice cream. Even more awesome.

Dom and I went into the city on Friday for our ceremony while Brooklyn stayed behind with her Aunt & Uncle. It was beautiful. Romantic, simple, perfect, and the weather held up. It had been raining literally every day in June but for some reason on 6/26 the sky parted and the sun showed her face. Amen. After we said "I do" we went to the boathouse for some champagne, such a peaceful moment for the both of us. Husband and wife, finally. Amen again. The rest of our day was just as wonderful, dinner, a play, a rooftop bar to end the night. I just made one of my best memories.The rest of the trip was amazing too. Brooklyn came into the city on Saturday, we had lunch at our favorite spot and she LOVED to eat pasta with her daddy. Spent lots of time in Central Park, visited her bridge, Chinatown, just really soaked it all in. We walked as much as possible but was truly impressed at my little one's ability to handle planes, trains, buses, taxi's, her stroller. The plane ride home I had that baby - the one that is done sitting still, does not understand why we are not moving, SCREAMING, and TIRED. I just look at everyone and want to tell them she is only expressing loudly how you are all feeling now that we have been taxi'ing on the runway for over half an hour. So suck it.

You can suck it too, reality. Although I must get back to you now.

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OceanDreams said...

Looks like you had an amazing stay and wedding! How lovely!

I know it is hard coming back to reality...but reality can be full of fun and exciting adventures, right?

Hope you enjoy your 4th of July weekend!