Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goodbye, things.

I picked Brooklyn up yesterday from school, went home, put her on our bedroom floor and went to change clothes. I walked out of my closet only to notice she was no longer where I originally sat her, but rather 6 freakin ft away and not stopping.


She had been showing signs of this dreaded mobility I hear other parents speak of, but not really going from one place to another. It was more a scoot in circles or face plant on the rug after a desperate attempt, but not forward.

My little one as hit a major milestone and I seriously almost cried. I don't know, it just sums up the progress that has been made in such short time. Yesterday, it seems, she could only lay on her stomach or back, could care less about toys, and hardly recognized us. Now, we are most definitely mommy and daddy, she waves, claps, has favorite toys, puts everything in her mouth, has ATTITUDE, and MOVES! Miss Independent, heaven help us.

So, goodbye, things. You were all so nice and in tact before the monster got a hold of you. Such a lovely couch, floor, rug, DVD's, cabinets, pictures...*sigh*. So, if any of you are looking for me this weekend I'll be at my house, currently under construction.


Steph said...

awww what a big girl! good luck baby-proofing :)

The Holmes said...

Mobility! Freedom! It's all over now.

Michelle D said...

Yeah Milestone! Boo Babyproofing! You always hear that babies grow up SO fast... and you quickly realize it's all true. Enjoy the crawling, walking, running and falling are next! :o)